LIFESTYLE – Britain’s best shoulder-to-cry on?

Jeremy Clarkson admitted he was ‘grateful’ for being bullied, whilst Jeffrey Archer lifted the lid on prison life for the first time. What is it about TalkRadio DJ Andy Jaye that makes him the confidante of the stars? 

It’s simply this, preparation – that means several days of work for each guest Andy interviews. And with 10-minute interviews often turning into a one-hour heart-to-heart sessions – there really is something about Andy that is making these stars open up.

They’ve often gone under the radar – until now. 

‘When I interview people, I make it my business to be an expert on my guest, but I never actually plan my questions’ Andy, who hosts both a podcast and his own show, says. ‘I think it’s my research and planning about the celebrity themselves that really draws them in. They don’t expect me to know as much as I do about them – and they seem to find it a compliment.’

‘There have been countless occassions when a ten-minute interview booking has turned into an hour, and we’ve end up having a really deep chat – with my guests often telling me things they say they haven’t ever said anywhere else. I find it really flattering, to have that level of trust, I think it’s because I’m not looking for a headline, I’m just connecting with them.’

‘I’ve been genuinely taken by surprise when the likes of Suzanne Shaw told me that she regretted being in the band HearSay, or Jenson Button shared his vasectomy plans, Richard Hammond told me that at 52 he was possibly having a mid-life crisis, and Professor Green talked about the impact being a father has had on him, and reflected also on his near-death experiences. There are plenty of times when I feel very close to my guests, and I always want to find out more.’

Now, after his epic interview that hit the headlines, Andy is in talks to interview Jeremy Clarkson again, and anticipates more extraordinary revelations. 

‘Last time we spoke, Jeremy admitted that “For the first five years I was on Top Gear, the most I earned was £180 in a year”. I intend to dig deeper and find out even more this time.’

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