LIFESTYLE – From sofa-surfing to success

Gem Worth grew up on a council estate with difficulties with both parents. Her dad, an alcoholic died in 2014 and her mum regularly self-harmed.

She spent most of her time bringing up her six siblings in the parent’s role but by 15, had started to truant at school just to get the housework and the washing done. She often bought nine pence beans, or ‘bullet beans’, for the family’s dinner. 

Things got worse when her brother Ryan, 36 – became a heroin addict. Gemma stood by him. 
Finishing school and taking any job she could find, Gemma found herself on sofas with nowhere to go, after a fall out with her mum. 

She started to work in pubs, and eventually – started running one. 

After a marriage with a lot of abuse, both verbal and physical, Gemma took on husband Jamie’s three children as her own.

She lost a baby in 2020, but kept pressing on.

And Gemma decided to better herself. The day after her father died, she took her accountancy exam – and passed. 

From there, she put leaflets on doors, pounded the streets and went on social media to get clients. In time, she had her own office. 

Today, she is single again – and she has five offices and a vast staff, all over the country. Her stepdaughter from her former marriage still lives with her, and her brother is doing well with his recovery.

Gem says, ‘my success is just all about grafting. Now I’ve written a book called From Bullet Beans to Big Dreams and it’s a massive hit in the UK and USA.’

‘Dreams really do come true if you’re prepared to work at them.’