MUSIC – Meet The Virtual Playboys

Remember the Gorillaz? Now meet The Virtual Playboys…

Think Country Music and what comes to mind? 

A few guys in checked shirts and Stetsons, singing about being lonesome. 

Well, not in 2021 they don’t. One band is ripping up the country music rulebook once and for all – they’re The Virtual Playboys. 

Having streamed on Facebook and performed online – these guys do a little more than sing the odd ballad. If you can really call them guys at all. 

This dynamic group of super singers are a virtually simulated band, with characters – not people. 

Think the Gorillaz of this decade – but with so much more. 

Whilst the risks of live events to continue to be an issue, their covid-secure performances are wowing audiences world-wide with classic Queen songs and many others. 

‘It’s all about diversity,’ says country singer Billy Curtis. ‘The comedy aspect of us just makes people naturally smile, as well as us looking very different on a screen. Who wants to be just the Average Joe kind-of-group when you can be so much more with the help of the Internet?’

This is a band who are showing you really can be whoever you want to be – and make the audience laugh in the process too.

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