LIFESTYLE – Come on Girls, bring on the Ball Bands…

Forget Wimbledon – the new balls aren’t just on the tennis court.

There’s no point being shy about it, Ladies. It’s official – us women like them big. 

In a sexy online survey, 67% of men asked admitted that they would love to have more sizable testicles and that if there was a way to enlarge them, they’d give it a go.

Now we’re not talking surgery or any uncomfortable injections – but just launched is a way of finally making your entire manhood stand-out, looking natural and impressive. 

Thanks to, fruity, gummy band – known simply as “BALL BANDS’ are available to buy and uplift any saggy sack.

The added bonus is that not only do they tighten your balls, they also make your chopper look even bigger by elevating the area and making a more pronounced package all round.

What could be described as the ultimate fellas stocking filler, each pack contains three individually packaged ball jelly bands in three flavours. They are the same as a gelatine based sweet and can be eaten before, during or after sexual play.

Now available at just £3.99 as a debut price whilst stock lasts.