July 15


LIFESTYLE – Can you be too rich to find love?

Paul Burrell says he’s found ‘dream partner’ but can you be too rich to find love? 

Looks, glamour, charisma and chemistry. Aren’t these things we all want in a relationship? 

But whether we admit it or not, one factor wipes the board when it comes to the ultimate partner – wealth.

The Beatles were right – Money Can’t Buy You Love. If you are super rich and single, who can you trust and how much time is spent hanging onto that wealth? If you’re thinking of dating the super rich, ten homes, ten yachts, ten private jets, where is that place you call home – is that wealth excessive, vulgar even? 

One man who is used to mingling with the rich and famous is former royal butler Paul Burrell, who will be appearing in the new show. 

When it comes to all things love related, Paul says this, ‘Having found my dream partner myself, I’m all for helping others find that same connection. Having helped some of my closest friends through the toughest of times in their relationships, I think I’m well-equipped to be offering a kind ear and a shoulder to cry on.’

Being super rich and single is such a dating dilemma Lisa Palmer runs a company, Mogul Matchmakers and for twenty years she’s been helping the wildly wealthy solve their love problems and find true life partners. Now she’s hoping to do it on TV.

Gorgeous dating guru Lisa herself is the powerhouse for this quintessential reality TV show where posh and wealthy singles will find out whether they are fancied for themselves… or their money?

With her extensive experience at putting dates together for people from all walks of life, Lisa says: ‘It’s definitely true that money can’t buy you love, but at what actual cost does true love come at? I know these rich singles are going to find out a lot about themselves in the process of the show – and that sparks are set to be flying.’

Marion Farrelly, who has run some of the biggest shows on earth including The X Factor, Big Brother and the Celebrity Apprentice is the Executive Producer of the show and says, ‘I don’t know how she does it but she does. Heather’s predictions are real and Lisa really is the Billionaire Matchmaker.’

Lisa and the team in upcoming dynamic show.