BEAUTY – Beautiful hair and nails

Not all of us are blessed with lovely thick nails and a head of lovely full hair, some of us need a little helping hand. Since having a baby my hair has become noticeably thinner and my nails are not as strong as they used to be, so I went on a search to find products to help improve my hair and nails. Some of these amazing products also improve your skin.  We have tried and tested all of these products and give them a big Heart London Magazine seal of approval. 


Wicked Gummy Co. – Hair, Skin and Nails Gummy

We love these delicious gummies by the Wicked Gummy Co, they taste great and in just a couple of weeks I started to notice a difference in my hair. It looked a little shinier and wasn’t breaking as much, my nails also seem a touch stronger. If I can see a difference in just a couple of weeks, imagine what a couple of months will do.  They berry flavour tastes great, are vegan and one bottle will last you two months!  The gummy contains a potent blend of folic acid and vitamins C & E amongst others, including an impressive 5000ug of biotin. Biotin improves your body’s keratin infrastructure; a basic protein that makes up your hair, skin, and nails. This super vitamin also has an important role in supporting the enzymes that break down the fat, protein and carbohydrates from the food we eat, turning them into energy. What a bonus!

Available from the Wicked Gummy Co for £19.99

Centred. – Tender Love and Hair (Skin, Hair and Nail Supplement)

We love the slimline container these supplements come in and the name – Tender Love and Hair.  We really do need to take tender loving care of ourselves and taking vitamins is one way to do so.  Along with hair improvements, we noticed an energy boost which is down to the beautifying vitamins including Biotin, Zinc, Iron & Silica.  They also help contribute to the growth of strong, healthy hair. Each capsule contains a a unique blend of herbs, amino acids & vitamins that also help to increase energy levels, counteract the affects of stress & support the immune system. These wonderful capsules include Bamboo extract, Biotin, Aloe-Vera, Amino Acids, Zinc, Iron and Vitamin C. They are 100 natural, so you are not outing anything synthetic in your body just pure goodness and it shows – three weeks in to taking these my hair wasn’t breaking as much and it had a lovely shine.

Available at Cult Beauty for £30.00

Kallistia – Hair Nourish 

This Australian beauty supplement brand recently launched in the UK and the Hair Nourish is almost magic.  After using this for a few weeks my hair seems thicker and longer, I can’t wait to use it longer to get even better results. Their before and after photos are quite outstanding, see here. They are designed to promote hair growth, encourage length strength, thickness and shine, and maintain elasticity to prevent further breakage. These magic capsules contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Biotin and Zinc. These nifty capsules can aid anyone on a quest for hair-perfection, but are particularly useful for those with high pressure lifestyles, stressful jobs, or those who are regularly exposed to the wind, rain, sun or sea. Just two capsules a day will breathe new life into your locks. 

Available from Kallistia for £66.00

Vitamin Kitchen – Hair Skin and Nails

We love the plastic free sustainable packaging that these yummy tasting gummies come in, you can improve your looks without any guilt. The raspberry flavour is delicious, you actually look forward to taking them every day. They are vegan and include Biotin, Vitamin C and Zinc. These gummies are fantastic for the hair, skin and nails.  I certainly noticed a little more bounce in my curls when I used them and my nails didn’t break as much, as an added bonus my skin was also glowing! They are formulated with scientifically proven beauty boosting ingredients including Biotin (5000 ug) which improves your body’s keratin infrastructure, Zinc to help strengthen brittle nails and hair and Vitamin C to help skin collagen. We certainly can boast hair, nail and skin improvement when using these vitamins and are sure you will do too!

Available from Beauty Kitchen for £19.99


O.P.I. Nail Envy – Nail Strengthener

We love this nail strengthener, not only does it leave a pretty shine my nails were hard as soon as it dried giving you an instant effect and stopping any breakage.  After using for a few weeks my nails were noticeably longer and stronger. They are made with wheat protein and calcium to help improve the strength of your natural nails. You simply apply two coats on bare nails, followed by one coat every other day. The added calcium and protein in this nail strengthener builds healthy nails and encourages nail growth. Once your nails grow a little you can use it as a base for colours too! 

Available from Sally Beauty for £20.50

Mavala Scientifique K+ – Nail Hardener 

The tip of the nail is the most fragile, most unprotected part and breaks easily, this is certainly true for me. The MAVALA SCIENTIFIQUE K+ hardens the nail plate. It also contains crystal resin tears, a gum extracted from the pistachio mastic tree that helps the natural keratinization process of nails, reinforcing them. Use two to three times a week until nails have obtained the desired hardness. Then, you may space out the applications. I love the smell of this formula, and it really helped my nails improve in strength and length. You can use varnish over this product.

Available for £16.50 from Look Fantastic

China Glaze Treatment – Nail Strengthener and Growth Formula

This wonderful Nail Strengthener and Growth Formula is excellent value for money at only £8.85, although my nails are not thin they tend to break easily and this formula certainly helped with that issue. You simply applytwo coats to a clean, bare nails every day for four weeks. You can’t wear nail varnish with this one, but you don’t need to as the clear look is shiny and pretty without it. This product helps protect your nails from splitting, it contains vitamin B3 and it promoted moisture retention. 

Available from Sally Beauty for £8.85

Beauty Secrets – Nail Strengthener

The Beauty Secrets – Nail Strengthener is inside a cute round bottle, as well as strengthening your nails it creates a lovely little shine so they can grow and look pretty at the same time. It is excellent value for money at only £4.79. This product helps improve nail flexibility to let them move without breaking, it also prevents cracking and helps protect damaged cuticles. This product is great to apply over regular nail polish to make it last longer, as it offers a protective coating. An added bonus is the shine doesn’t go dull either; it keeps that glossy look until it is removed with a nail enamel remover.

Available from Sally Beauty for £4.79


Tabitha James Kraan – Scented Organic Hair Oil 

You will adore the light rose scent of this wonderful hair oil as it smells divine! You can use it in one of two ways either as a pre-wash treatment, just warm a pump of oil and apply it to your ends or mid lengths 1 hour before washing or add 1-2 drops onto dehydrated curls. My hair felt a little dry after colouring, so I used the pre-wash method and it really gave it some shine as well as bounce.  My curls looked prettier and my colour even better, this product is a beauty must have. It really helped give weight to my fine hair and left it smelling lovely.

Available from Tabitha James Kraan for £38.00