BEAUTY, NATURALLY – Spotlight on luxurious organic bath and body products we know you will love!

Using natural, organic products does not mean needing to compromise on the quality of your beauty regime. In fact, by avoiding these harmful ingredients you are likely to notice your skin improving, with a reduction in redness, irritation or breakouts, as well as fewer lines and wrinkles. Heart London Magazine love organic beauty products and here are some of our favourites for the bath and body!

The Organic Pharmacy Jasmine Bath Oil

When you open the glass bottle a waft of jasmine fills the air and when you pour a capful in your bath the whole bathroom smells amazing! The sweet scent of pure jasmine oil is not only uplifting it helps regenerate your skin! After your bath your skin feels smooth, soft and is left with the lovely delicate scent of jasmine.  Ohh jasmine is also known for its aphrodisiac and mood enhancing properties, so this is perfect to use before a date night in or out of the house! Another lovely product from The Organic Pharmacy.

Available at The Organic Pharmacy for £45.95

Naturekissd Shea and Avocado Body Butter

Naturekiss’d uses the healing properties of shea butter, avocado and coconut to help keep your skin soft. This is a smooth and easy to apply silky body butter which moisturises and replenishes your skin. Not only does it feel great on your skin, it leaves you feeling fresh and smelling great! This lovely body butter isn’t oily and it’s gently fragranced with Lavender, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang essential oils. This wonder cream can be used for body and hands making it a great beauty staple and another one of our favourites! 

Available from Naturekissd for £12.50

Lamazuna Solid Cocoa Butter

This innovative body butter is solid, but melts in your hands and has a light tonka bean and fragrance. It is excellent value for money as it’s not only £8.99 and equivalent to two tubs of cream! Without any plastic use you can enjoy this wonderful butter guilt free.  It smooths into your skin with ease and leaves it feeling soft, it can also cope with temperatures of up to 45°C so there is no chance of it melting. This lovely Lamazuna Solid Cocoa Butter is made from cocoa buttercarnauba wax and sunflower seed oil, what is not to love!

Available from Lamazuna for £8.99

No Secrets Hand and Body Butter

The No Secrets Hand and Body Butter is a rich cream that both soothes and moisturises. You only need to use a small amount, as a little goes a very long way and your skin is left feeling nourished. This smooth, silky and luxurious hand and body butter, packed with some real skin heroes is the perfect way to nourish, moisturise and fragrance the skin, with a rich blend of butters and plant oils, brimming with anti-oxidants, vitamins and restorative goodness. It’s infused with one of their the fabulous signature scents – One and Four which you will simply adore!

Available from No Secrets Beauty from £18.00 – £49.00

No Secrets Bath Jelly 

For something a little different, try the No Secrets BATH Jelly.  It feels like a light oil that your skin loves and as your body warms the jelly, the refreshing and reviving aroma of skin-loving oils fills the room. You can them enjoy your bath as the jelly dissolves into a therapeutic bath oil with the skin-softening goodness of our exclusive seed oil blend. This innovative Jelly is a deliciously different way to pamper, soothe and melt the stress away. Each individual glass jar contains enough product for one sensory bath experience. We are converts and think you will be too!

Available from No Secrets Beauty from £18.00 – £49.00

The Organic Pharmacy Cleopatra’s Body Scrub

We love body scrubs at Heart London Magazine and The Organic Pharmacy Cleopatra’s Body Scrub is one of our top ten.  You simply massage the uplifting scrub into your skin to removed dead skin and your skin is left feeling soft. The exfoliators and moisturising oils leave your skin feeling soft and polished to perfection. The scrub also boosts circulation and improves skin radiance, and the delicate scent is created from Sea Saltl, Sugar, Ylang Ylang and Rose Geramium.

Available from The Organic Pharmacy for £45.00

Urtekram Soft Wild Rose Moisturizing Body Lotion

We love this brand, their products are great value for money as this lotion is only £6.99 and are always fabulous.  We love the delicate rose scent and the light creamy texture.  Your skin drinks this product as you smooth it is and is left with a silky soft feel. The Urtekram’s Soft Wild Rose body lotion releases natural powerhouses: shea butter, apricot oil and jojoba oil provide the ideal body care product for normal to dry skin types. Moisturising components, such as aloe vera extracts, are also included in the mix.  

Available from The Fragrance Shop for £6.99

Lyonsleaf 100% Natural Body Butter

The Lyonsleaf Body Butter combats premature aging caused by the sun, pollutants and dry skin.  This body butter is in a eco-friendly glass bottle, so you can use it without guilt! It almost solid, but melts with body warmth and flows into your skin. A little goes a very long way, so a small pot is surprisingly good value for money. Lyonsleaf Body Butter is an intensive moisturising treatment that hydrates the body for beautifully soft, smooth and healthy skin. This lovely product is made with a unique blend of essential oils with penetrate deep into the skin leaving it feeling baby soft.

Available from Lyonsleaf for £19.99