BEAUTY, NATURALLY – Spotlight on organic face products that make you feel divine!

As we continue our series on Organic products, these wonderful products will help keep you face soft, clean and fresh. Organic beauty products are kind to the earth as they avoid pesticides, GM ingredients, synthetic colours and fragrances. They are also kind to you!

Wild Pharmacy Carpe Cream

Carpe Cream-Anti-Oxidant Hydration Moisturizer balances out skin, while keeping it matte, reduce impurities and giving it that right notch of glow! This lovely cream sinks into the skin easily and is perfect for everyday use or to pop on before your make up. It’s fragrance free, it also helps reduce redness which we love and if you need a little more hydration, you can add a thicker layer, leave it on and wash it off with a cloth. This is magic in a bottle as it really does leave your skin feeling amazing!

Available from Love Lula for £23 

Salt + Steam Rose – Facial Steam

Steam opens up your pores and helps loosen any build up of dirt for a deeper cleanse and it promotes circulation. Add the Salt + Steam and you are really in for a treat, this wonderful product smells divine so you can enjoy the sweet scent of organic rose water, soothing lavender and zingy sweet orange as you steam your face. You only need you add to tablespoons to water, so a little goes a long way and its only £8.50 which makes it excellent value for money!

Available from Salt + Steam for £8.50

Jane Scrivner Nourishing Cleanser

We are huge fans of the Janer Scrivner’s Products and this nourishing cleanser is one of our favourites. It contains organic jojoba oil – a hydrating, pro-collagen and pro-elastin oil, also rich in Essential Fatty Acids. The sweet smell is created from the bled of 9 essential oils, including sandalwood, ylang ylang and sweet orange. You simply place some in palm, warm it up in your hands, rub a little on your face and wipe off with warm water on the mitt provided. Not only does it smell divine, it melts make up on touch and leaves your skin feeling amazing!

Available from Jane Scrivner for £36.00

Jane Scrivner Skin Elixir 

This luxurious skin elixir is another Heart London Magazine favourite. The handy pump makes it easy to use the right amount and two pumps is plenty for your whole face. The scent again is divine, it includes sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh and sweet orange.  This skin elixir works to prevent premature ageing, increase luminescence, improve elasticity and balance dry, oily, dehydrated, in fact any skin type. We love adding a little before make up to keep you skin feeling plump, hydrated, soft and protected. 

Available from Jane Scrivner for £30.00

Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream

We love this light day cream, it has a fresh rose scent, sinks into the skin with ease and leaves it feeling nourished! If you are prone to redness this cream is fantastic, as the precious extracts of rose petals and wild rose hips nurture and balance the skin. The rich, luxurious formulation harmonises oil and moisture content, gently guiding the skin to a state of comfort, balance and radiance. This wonderful day cream includes Shea butter, rose petal wax. Avocado and so much more. A little also goes a very long way making this cream great value for money.

Available at Dr. Hauschka for £35.00

Lyonsleaf Marshmallow Soften and Rejuvenate Facial Oil

If you prefer an all natural scent then you will love the Lyonsleaf Marshmallow soften and rejuvenate facial oil. The handy pump means you can you the exact amount you need and one pump covers the whole face! This light oil is easily absorbed, yet rich and deeply nourishing. The blend of calendula oil and Avocado oil help calm irritated skin and the marshmallow extract improves cells’ ability to hold moisture, plumping skin and helping to erase fine lines. You can use it on the whole body, but we love using this under make up!

Available at Lyonsleaf for £17.99

Naturekiss’d Renew Facial Oil for Mature Skin

This face oil has been specially formulated for mature or dry skin and brightens your skin from just one pump! The Extracts of Rosehip, Sea Buckthorn, and Arctic Blackcurrant will aid the renewal of skin cells and the Frankincense Essential Oil will help to balance skin tone. This is another oil that works well under make up, but it is equally good of you fancy going make up free! It slides into the skin and leaves it feeling fresh. You can use this instead of your daily moisturiser as it really does hydrate the skin! Another Heart London Magazine favourite! 

Available from Naturekiss’d for £25.00