LONDON EVENTS – The Horror Escape Room, an activity to fire up your brain cells!

If you love activities that fire up your brain cells, then this is most definitely one for you! Immerse yourself in a fully interactive puzzle, where you and your team mates need to solve the many clues all around you in order to break free.

The mystery begins trying to find the location, as it is marked by a ‘Horror Escape Room’ plaque next to one of two grey doors. When inside, the door down into the basement is on the left (not straight ahead, as we mistakingly thought). The welcome was friendly, and the decorations were dark, everything with the theme of black and red – even the toilet was black! There were plenty of props, related to the different themed rooms.

We played two rooms: ‘Cabin Fever’ and ‘Escape From Wonderland’. There are more due to open soon, including ‘Murder Mansion’ and a sci-fi themed space one too. Each escape room has a difficulty rating and a scary rating, meaning you can choose which you think is more appropriate for your group. Welcome videos introduced us into the story we were playing, as well as the rules. These videos were short, informative and got us excited for what were setting ourselves up for.

Each themed escape room consisted of multiple rooms, meaning there were plenty of puzzles and riddles to be solved. One of our favourite aspects were the awesome passageways into these various rooms, such as climbing through bookcases, fridges and fireplaces. We were being watched over CCTV the whole time, and the actors were at hand to give clues over the tannoy. 

The escape rooms are suitable for groups of 2-6, although I would say that 4 people would make the perfect group size. These horror escape rooms are a great birthday party, or hen/stag do idea. They would also make for a fun team building event, or just for an outing with family and friends. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience and plan to visit again to try out the other themed rooms when they open.

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Ellie, Heart London Magazine