LIFESTYLE – BOOKS: Stand and Deliver – a life worth fighting for.

Meet Kellie Stetcher M.D

It’s the age-old saying that we all love to hate; the grass is always greener on the other side.

You could be a hair-stylist who dreams of being a mechanic, or an IT guy who would love to become a carpenter.

Whatever your pipedream – we’ve all been there with our fantasies.

But what about if you had your career ‘calling’, but the odds starting stacking against you? 

For Kellie Stecher M.D – this was a reality. Her life was far from easy to begin with…

In a dysfunctional home with a narcissistic mother, Kellie fantasised about her ‘real family’, something that didn’t exist – to come, find her and take her away. But that day never came – and she had to grow up a fighter, knocking back the insults as they came – mainly from her manipulative mum. 

Kellie quite literally clawed her way through academia and the other uncertainties that life threw at her. Whilst becoming a mum-of-two in the process herself. 

Now post-pandemic in Minnesota, Kellie exclusively lifts the lid on life as a female OBGYN, medical misogyny, why doctors’ depression is sky high – and what she wants to do to change it. 

Her dynamic book ‘Delivering’ is jam-packed with the stuff that medics never say, the opinions that are never voiced – and the inspiration for little girls, wherever they are, to get out there and make a change. 

‘Delivering’ is available for purchase now: