LIFESTYLE – Time to meet your MATCH?

Desperate to find that special someone but just can’t pluck up the courage to leave the sofa?

You’re not alone. And not only that, but now’s the time to change those lovely Autumn evenings into something far cosier.

Isodate has teamed up with Lara Besbrode and ‘The Matchmaker UK’, to bring you a unique date night on the 10th October, 2021!

Before the event you’ll hear from Internationally Certified matchmaker and dating expert Lara, who will be sharing her unique insight on how to successfully date.

Then, it’s time for dating as it should be: People, not profiles.

Using Isodate’s unique platform, you’ll be paired with a number of fantastic singles in one-to-one dates.

No breakout rooms or awkward group sessions, just private chats and lots of fun, for 3-4 minutes at a time! 

Attendees will be able to meet fantastic singles from the comfort of their own homes, while gaining fantastic advice for their own dating success.

Lara Besbrode, known as The Matchmaker UK

Want to join us? Great: all you’ll need is WiFi/Mobile Data, a comfortable area to sit, and your device of choice (although we recommend a desktop/laptop, because who wants to be holding their phone that long!)

Obviously a drink is optional (but definitely a strong addition)

It’s for single men and women across the UK, in the applicable age ranges, 27-39 / 40-55 / 50-65.

And it’s on this Sunday, 10th October, 2021!

The masterclass is on at 8pm GMT, with virtual speed dating on at 8.20pm GMT

How do I participate? It’s easy…

1) Purchase your ticket here. Instructions will be available straight away for you to create an account on our platform, and your individual event code will be included with this ticket confirmation

2) Click on the link and create your profile before the event begins.

3) Join the event at least 15 minutes before the specified time of the event you want to join.

4) During the event you’ll meet a number of great singles, for 3-4 mins at a time.

5) At the end of each Isodate, you’ll be prompted to select your preference (like, or pass). After you’ve done so the system will refresh and you’ll meet your next date. This will continue until you’ve met all of your potential matches.

So what are you waiting for? ‘The One’ might just be there waiting for you.

Our hosts…

(Note: if there’s a slight misbalance, you might have to sit our a round or two. Don’t panic – this is normal, and you’ll start your next date as SOON as someone becomes available.)

Once you’ve made your decision, the video feed will refresh with a new person. This will continue until you have met all of your dates.

6) At the end of all the dates, you will find your matches under the ‘Connections’ tab on your profile.

How much is it?

£10 GBP in advance. £15 on the day.

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Happy Isodating!