LIFESTYLE – Invigorating Winter Warmer

Both cinnamon and black pepper have a host of claimed health benefits, but it is the taste of this invigorating new tea that steals the show.

Cinnamon is famed for its festive flavour and black pepper enhances the spice’s sensory aromas,
whilst adding a spicy kick of its own. The result is an incredible tea with a fantastic flavour.

Natur Boutique London’s cinnamon and black pepper tea is truly delicious, it has been created by expert blenders, it’s not just the taste of this drink that will leave you feeling invigorated. Its two, 100% natural ingredients, will help you feel enlivened and ready for any challenges ahead.

Available from and independent health stores from

Please note: We recommend you drink no more than one cup a day. DO NOT use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Large intake of pepper has been linked to miscarriage. Consult your doctor before use if suffering from a medical condition, including diabetes, or taking medication or about to undergo surgery. See packs for other health contradictions