FAMILY: Autism – Who will care when we are not there?

Autism: It’s something that is spoken about, but only a minority of our society understand.

Not only are there daily unspoken struggles, counteracted with so many warm and rewarding moments – but carers are faced with one common dilemma…

What will happen to autistic children and adults when we are no longer around?

Parents all need piece of mind that practical and emotional support will be available when they are not there to help.

Freedom of Information data that reveals only 1 in 4 councils are able to support disabled people and their carers to make contingency plans for future care options; only 1 in 3 local authorities are aware of how many disabled adults are currently being cared for by family and friends at home.

Parents and adults with a disability are feeling the pressures and better planning and funding is urgently needed for future care needs so the right support is in place at the right time.

Now a petition has been launched by Dr Anna Kennedy OBE to highlight this.

Dr Anna Kennedy OBE

‘As a parent of two autistic adults, this is a constant worry – especially during these uncertain times. We all need to have peace of mind,’ she says.

‘Our petition now has over 11,000 signatures. I implore people to just take a moment to sign for this cause.’

Anna and family

To find out more – and sign this important petition, visit:

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