Fancy trying a new tequila brand? Here are some of Heart London Magazine’s favourites

We are big tequila fans at Heart London Magazine and whilst mixologists can make delicious tequila cocktails, we are big believers in enjoying the taste by sipping it neat. The market is saturated with brands, so we tried some of the best on the market and here are our favourites.

ZINGNUM Joven Mezcal Silver 

ZINGNUM Mezcal is aged in Oak for a minimum of 18 months and the agave is steamed rather than smoked or roasted, this process adds to the original delicious flavour. It is one of the most rewarded and leading mezcals in Mexico, Zignum comes in Joven, Reposado and Añejo expressions, with the 18-month, oak-aged Añejo Mezcal stealing the show with impressively rounded, creamy smoothness, plus complex notes of dark chocolate and freshly roasted coffee beans.

Available from Masters of Malt for £35.99

Neurita Citrus Tequila

We really enjoyed this tequila which is infused with Sicilian orange and tangerine, it has a slightly sweet taste and is perfect over ice. The Neurita Citrus Tequila is tangy and bitter-sweet, featuring Sicilian orange and tangerine, perfect for the classic Margarita recipe, while the Neurita Rosa Tequila is flavoured with raspberry, strawberry and pomegranate for a fruity sweetness. It is great value for money too at under 30 pounds!

Available from Neurita-Tequila for £29.99

Mijenta Tequila Blanco

Mijenta exclusively uses fully mature, certified 100% Blue Weber Agave from the highlands of Jalisco. This tequila brand is sustainably focused and engages in a number of community initiatives, which makes buying a bottle something of a good deed. Better still is the fact that the liquid inside is great, with cooked agave notes leading to green grass aromas and some light, floral flavours. This is a balanced blanco with great complexity for the price.

Available from Mijenta for £54.99

El Recuerdo Joven Mezcal

This Mezcal’s smoky flavour is characteristic of traditional Mezcals of the region and an attribute characteristic connoisseurs seek. It is not overly smoked palatable and the fact that the agave for this mezcal is not roasted as usual, but boiled, creates a sweet and fruity aroma. This is complemented by soft herbal notes and an exotic aroma. Bitter, sweet and with a delicate smoky flavor, this unique mezcal presents itself on the tongue.

Available from Masters of Malt for £33.45

Dead Man’s Fingers Coffee Tequila Liqueur

This innovative tequila is perfect for those who love coffee liqueurs. Dead Man’s Fingers Coffee Tequila Liqueur combines bittersweet coffee flavours with quality Tequila to create a deliciously decadent drink, perfect for enjoying over ice, as a shot or mixed up in an indulgent cocktail like this one. We absolutely love the flavour of this divine tequila and its less than 20 pounds! It’s also great over ice, as a shot or mixed up in an indulgent cocktail like an Espresso Martini.

Available from Amazon for £19.80