LIFESTYLE – Chicago based interior design company takes on London

Perpetuum Designs, a reputable interior design studio founded in Chicago US back in 2016, has recently started to showcase its talent in the UK. 

With her latest completed project – Entice by Marlen (London) and back in 2021, Dot (Sheffield), interior designer Cristiana Crin shows serious potential for the hospitality industry in the UK. 

Securing recognition at the 2022 International Muse Awards with a Chicago-based project, Perpetuum Designs is gaining trust with some of the big names in the industry, adding renowned clients to their portfolio. 

“When people walk into a space they need to be impressed, and that does not start with the menu, it starts with experiencing the interior. Restaurant owners should have the same level of expectations from their space as they do with the food they serve, and we promise to deliver unique experiences.” – Cristiana Crin, Founder & Director of Designs. 

Among reputable names in the industry, Fonda Cantina, La MarimbaChurros Y Chocolate, and The Jibarito Stop are just a few of the names they designed over the years and all show the clear talent of this hospitality-focused interior design studio.