LIFESTYLE – Get in shape for summer with a little help from OPTIFAST

The OPTIFAST replacement meals really do fill you up for hours. This limited edition starter pack is specially designed to let you experience a variety of flavours and formats of OPTIFAST while you prepare your body’s metabolism to begin your weight loss journey. The product is high in fibre and protein, it is also easy to use and great for when you are on the run! The soup is tasty an and shakes delicious, it doesn’t actually feel like you are on a diet!

This starter pack contains 4 OPTIFAST Shakes, 3 OPTIFAST Bars, an OPTIFAST Soup and an OPTIFAST Dessert. This wonderful starter kick can help kickstart your summer weightloss and also contains a handy shaker. This box is a great way to try out which products are right for you. I would definitely recommend this product if you are thinking about using optifast products.

All you do is replace 2 meals with OPTIFAST products, use up to 2 Shakes, Soup or Desert, one snack to be replaced with Bar and 2 low calorie home cooked meals.

Available from OPTIFAST for £24.61