LIFESTYLE – Bank holiday weekend: Astrologer reveals where Brits should visit

The sun is poking through the clouds, and we’re nothing if not optimistic. From picture-perfect meadows to quintessentially British villages, there’s plenty of blossoming spots to visit in the UK this May bank holiday.

Astrologers at Psychic World have got you covered with the perfect UK spots to see for yourself this weekend, based on your zodiacs.


Traits: Energetic, active, fiery

Best location to visit: Lundy Island, Bristol Channel

To Do: Dolphin spotting, snorkelling, diving, hiking

Photo: Pixabay

Aries are fiery and energetic. They want to go where the action is and reconnect with their inner child. Home to aquatic mammals like whales, dolphins and seals, Lundy Island has an abundance of adventure. The island, full of stunning beaches and adrenaline filled activities such as cliff diving, snorkelling and hiking is just off the coast of Devon and has been named Britain’s best hidden gem


Traits: Luxury-seeker, adventurous

Best location to visit: Bath, Somerset 

To Do: High end shopping, restaurants, spas, Bridgerton tour

Photo: Pixabay

The Taurus takes pleasure in a luxury like no one else, which is why Bath is the perfect city for a springtime visit. Whether you’re looking for a spot of high-end shopping, or a dip in thermal baths with mineral-rich waters, the city has it all. You can also take a walking tour of the ‘Bridgerton’ filming locations, made popular by the Netflix hit.


Traits: Love to travel, curious, playful

Best location to visit: Portmeirion, Wales

To Do: Explore the coastal path, scenic village walk, restaurants, cafes

Photo: Harshlight/Flickr

Playful and curious, Gemini’s are open to everything and love to travel. Portmeirion, just above Snowdonia National Park in South Wales, takes you worlds away from the UK with its vibrant Italian-style architecture, transporting visitors straight to the mediterranean. As versatile as the Gemini’s themselves, Portmeirion gives you the best of both worlds, whilst being a perfect picture spot.


Traits: Creative, sensitive, daydreamers

Best location to visit: Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire

To Do: Take a picnic, dolphin and seal spotting, boat trips

Photo: Pixabay

Spring flowers and beautiful bluebells are in full bloom on Skomer Island, where you can explore the Manx shearwaters, puffins, dolphins and seals.  Cancer’s are very creative and imaginative, and love beautiful things. As Cancer’s are also homebodies at heart, the colourful fields of Skomer Island is the place to be for Cancer’s to get their fix of blossoming nature this Spring.


Traits: Powerful, confident, determined

Best location to visit: The Welsh Riviera, Tenby

To Do: Soak in the sun, dinosaur park, beach picnic

Photo: Flickr

We won’t blame you for thinking this is Cinque Terre in Italy, but it’s actually Tenby, Wales, known as the Welsh Riviera and one of the UK’s sunniest spots. The fiery Leo loves to travel in style, indulging in a powerful and luxurious experience that makes them feel alive. Anywhere striking, with the sunshine out will be the key to this fire sign’s soul, making this spot a winning move for any Leo.


Traits: Sociable, romantic, fun

Best location to visit: Harrogate, Yorkshire

To Do: Cultural cuisines, flower gardens, palace walk, shopping

Photo: Pixabay

Sitting still is not on the to-do list for any Virgo on a Spring outing. Virgos are naturally curious, sociable and romantic, and the biggest foodies of all the signs. Visiting the Yorkshire spa town of Harrogate will leave you little time to slack, as you can visit the grand Ripley Castle, the famous Harlow Carr Gardens, and there are a huge number of cuisines to choose from for food lovers.


Traits: Idealistic, romantic, cosy

Best location to visit: The Japanese Garden, Surrey

To Do: Explore the woodlands, picnic, tea house

Photo: Geograph

Laid-back Libras can relax and restore their balance in this Japanese Garden in Surrey, which is part of the larger Gatton Park. The romance in the heart of the Libra will take pleasure in the fairytale-esque woodlands, providing the ultimate zen and tranquil experience. Head for a peaceful walk along the green pebbly trails or relax in the tea house to admire the views.


Traits: Night owls, brave, mysterious

Best location to visit: South Downs National Park, Hampshire

To Do: Stargaze, picnic, dog walk

Photo: Pixabay

Water signs love to spend time relaxing, and so the ultra-cool Scorpios will feel right at home in one of the UK’s best stargazing spots at South Downs National Park. Scorpios are inherently mysterious night owls, so going to an off-grid destination where the stars can be seen sparkling like the wonders of the world, even in Springtime, will be the perfect fix. 


Traits: Free spirits, spontaneous, independent

Best location to visit: The Cotswolds, West Midlands

To Do: Walk through the meadows, flower displays, villages

Photo: Pixabay

Sagittarius are born free spirits who love to explore, which is why The Cotswolds is waiting to be discovered by the archer sign. Boasting one of the most beautiful wildflower areas in the UK, vibrant meadows and pretty storybook villages, there’s plenty to explore in this spring spot.


Traits: Night owls, brave, mysterious

Best location to visit: Lake district, Cumbrie

To Do: Hiking, flower meadows, hire a boat, climb Scafell Pike

Photo: Pixabay

The ambitious Capricorns are fascinated by the world’s natural wonders and high places, making the peaks and valleys of Cumbria’s Lake District a must-visit. Capricorns don’t tend to opt for the historical British spots, but rather revel in the picturesque scenery. In Springtime, the area is covered in a blanket of bluebells and daffodils, and the glaciers of the ribbon-like waters can be overlooked by the Lake District’s soaring mountains.


Traits: Active, empathetic, carefree

Best location to visit: Wanderlust Way, Grimsby

To Do: Hiking trail, dog walk

Photo: Pixabay

Aquarius’s love to see the beauty in nature, and love a good trek. The hidden gem of Wanderlust Way is the perfect hiking trail that weaves its way around woodland and cliffs that seem straight out of an old English storybook. 20 miles of connecting with nature and quaint pubs to admire the view, a must-visit UK adventure for the Aquarius. 


Traits: Escapist, dreamy, creative

Best location to visit: Brighton

To Do: Relax on the beach, entertainment venues, pier activities

Photo: Pixabay

Pisces are dreamers at heart and connect with the mystical world. True to their sun sign, a beach visit will soothe the mermaid in the Pisces. British seasides don’t get much more iconic than Brightons pier. With regency-era buildings, entertainment venues galore, the seaside town offers artistic amenities for all the Pisces creative desires.