LIFESTYLE – The VICTROLA Stream Carbon turntable is a vinyl lover’s dream

It isn’t just the sleek style of the VICTROLA Stream Carbon and ease of use that you will fall in love with, the sound is rich. As the needle touches the record the sound that flows from the Sonos speaker is outstanding, the crackle you would expect simply doesn’t exist and instead you just hear clear crisp music, even from thirty-year-old vinyl!

The turntable is easy to set up, you just download the VICTROLA app and seamlessly connect your turntable wirelessly to your speaker. The days of having messy cables is over! The excellent sound is created by the Ortofon 2M Red cartridge. Although you can connect the turntable via traditional wired RCA connectors, once you hear the smooth sounds of the Sonos speaker you won’t want to use anything else.

Victrola is well known for its quality, but the Steam Carbon turntable is on another level. The Victrola Stream Carbon turntable comes with easy-to-follow illustrated instructions. Pull the belt over the pulley, screw on the headshell, slide the counterweight to the appropriate groove on the tonearm and set the anti-skate gauge before installing the Victrola Stream app from the iOS or Google Play app store. Once you’re hooked up, operation is simple. The turntable begins spinning when you move the tonearm from its rest and connects to your Sonos as you’re lowering the stylus onto the vinyl. The semi-automatic-fibre tonearm feels sturdy and looks sylish too.

The illuminated dial lets you adjust the volume of your speakers directly from the turntable and if you have your Sonos system over WIFI, you can enjoy your favourite music from any room. An innovative blend of digital and analogue technology that music fans will love.

I find myself dipping in and out of playing my vinyl but after hearing the quality of the VICTROLA Stream Carbon turntable they are being played pretty much on the constant filling my house and my heart with the beautiful sound of old vinyl. With Father’s Day just around the corner pop online to Very and gift a gift you know any music lover will adore for years to come!

Available from Very for £899.00