LIFESTYLE – Celebrate with some delicious Coronation tipples!

The special 3-day weekend is nearly here and what better way of celebrating the King’s coronation than enjoying a tipple or two! Here are some delicious tippled that we think are fit for a King!

X-Muse ‘tenth muse’ Vodka

If you have read our drinks articles before then you will know we are huge vodka fans and as the weather gets warmer vodka and soda or vodka and lemonade is also a welcome refresher! X MUSE, pronounced ‘tenth muse’, is the first blended barley vodka inspired by the spirit of making traditions of Scotland. X MUSE uses water from an ancient aquifer, producing exceptionally pure water, taken from the 100-acre Bennington Estate near Edinburgh amongst a sculptured landscape called Jupiter Artland. The beautiful bottle is stunning sculptural piece that plays with the light. Plumage Archer and Maris Otter, prized for flavour are distilled separately and combined to produce this luxurious, rich, smooth vodka.

Available from X Muse Vodka from for £55.00

LA Brewery English Sparkling English Rose with Kombucha

LA in this instance stands for Louise Avery, who has been producing her kombucha in Suffolk since 2017 and exploring her passion for foraging. This delicate and floral, elegantly easy drinking for picture-perfect sipping. It isn’t just the price you will love; the flavour is delightful and perfect to celebrate the coronation. The English Rose is infused with white rose petals and elderflower, delicately dry with a floral finish.  Its rosy flavour is beautifully offset by a slight tinge of vinegar, which gives it a nice, dry and complex finish. It works. It’s refreshing, versatile, lively and glamorous.

Available from LA Brewery for £10.00 (also available in a twin pack or on subscription)

Faustino Cava Brut Reserva

Cava Faustino Brut Reserva is a sparkling wine made up of two important grape varieties: the Macabeo and Chardonnay. They have undergone twenty – six months in lattes during the aging process. The wine displays a clean, bright, pale yellow colour and gold rim. It gives out warm and fruity aroma with white fruit and apple hints, which always stand out. The sweet, pleasant and balanced flavour of Cava Faustino creates more appeal especially to wine lovers. The perfect drink to enjoy on warmer days or during the 3-day weekend.

Available from Ocado for £13.00

Kwai Feh Lychee Liqueur

You will love the elegant taste notes of this drink, brimming with lychee fruits, means that you can make some intriguing cocktails with very few ingredients. Kwai Feh, the pure essence of fresh lychee fruit captured in a light, sweet, natural tasting liqueur. It can be served at room temperature or slightly chilled.  Kwai Feh Lychee liqueur is incredibly more-ish! It’s soft and fruity, and beautifully perfumed, and it works well in numerous cocktails. This lovely liqueur is delightful in in a martini, a fresh fruity drink perfect for a King!

Available at Ocado for £25.00

Son of a Gun Coffee Liqueur 

We do love a coffee liqueur at Heart London Magazine and the Son of a Gun Coffee Liqueur doesn’t disappoint, not only will it give you a little pep in your step just in time to enjoy Coronation parties it tastes divine too! If you add a little vodka, you can make and enjoy a delicious espresso martini. This splendid caffeine fix was created from the team at Kent’s Rivet Distiller, this liqueur combines its tasty Son of a Gun pot-distilled grain spirit with cold-brewed roasted arabica coffee beans. A tasty treat over ice and your perfect party partner!

Available at Masters of Malt for £22.95

Vela Vodka

This smooth Vela Vodka is also from Copper Rivet distillery in Kent and is made using a trio of grains, including spring barley, winter wheat and rye. After distillation, the spirit is treated to a charcoal filtration before bottling. It isn’t just the taste of this wonderful vodka that you will love as the price tag is quite remarkable for a quality vodka. An initial creamy, coffee-like smokiness (if you can imagine such a thing) gives way to cereal notes with a savoury “bloody mary” aura, with celery, paprika and peppercorn all coming through. And it’s all deceptively smooth on the tongue.

Available at Masters of Malt for £24.29

The Cocktail Co. Hand Crafted Cocktails

We have featured the Cocktail Co. before, and the cocktails are divine! They have created a range of cocktails in bottles, which are perfect to enjoy at a picnic or take to a Coronation party! They have a wonderful range available so there is literally something for everyone! All the cocktails are hand crafted with quality ingredients and ready to drink! We love the ‘Apple of My Eye’, which boats a blend of premium gins, mixed with raspberry, apple and lemon. Simply divine! Other delicious cocktails include a Gin based ‘Bramble”, the traditional ‘Mojito’, ‘Passionfruit Martini’ and the oh so tasty vodka ‘Solera Colada’. 

Available from Cocktail Co. 3 for £15, 6 for £27 and 12 for £54

Rooster Rojo Smoked Pineapple Tequila

We have been trying more fruit-based tequilas of late and I have to say we are huge fans of the Rooster Rojo Smoked Pineapple Tequila. What screams more fun that a tequila, add a pineapple packed treat and a great price then you are for sure ready to celebrate! For this expression, Tequila made with 100% Blue Weber agave is matured for a minimum of 12 months in bourbon barrels and infused with smoke red Spanish Pineapples! Brimming with tropical fruit and gentle smoke, it’s fantastic sipped neat, and will stand out in some intriguing cocktails too!  

Available from Masters of Malt for £28.74

Bumbu Cream Rum

Oh my, does this Bajan made Bumbu Rum Cream taste great! Bumbu Creme is a blend of Bumbu Rum, spices and real dairy cream. Delivering a satisfying and sensational palate experience, Bumbu Creme is perfect simply sat neatly on the rocks on a summers evening. Bumbu Cream holds strong rum notes infused into the cream and has a low 15% alcohol volume. You are in pure heaven when sipping this delightful drink! It is no wonder it is endorsed by Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa, as it’s tasty, unforgettable and divine!

Available from VIP Bottle for £38.99

Luc Belaire Luxe

If you’re a fan of sparkling wines, why not try Luc Belaire Luxe for a more premium touch. It’s the perfect bottle to pop on Coronation Day. Sweeter than most sparkling out there although it certainly isn’t too sweet (this is officially classed as a demi-sec) this has plenty of stone fruit, citrusfloral and some bready aromas, typically found with blanc de blancs. This lovely wine is not only a tasty party drink, it is excellent value for £30.99. Perhaps get a few in for the long weekend and celebrate in style.

Available at Selfridges for £30.99

Royal British Legion Champagne Jacober, Blanc de Blanc, Centurion

It isn’t just the royal name that makes this beautiful champagne the perfect drink for coronation day! It well loved and there is a reason why the delicate nose dominated by vanilla and elegant, smooth with subtle notes of pine nuts make it a bubbly you will want to come back to. The bottles celebrate the Royal British Legion and 10% of sales go to this wonderful organisation, so you can enjoy this delicious champagne knowing you are giving at the same time! The perfect Coronation tipple indeed. 

Available from Eminent Wines for £55.00