It’s True What They Say: Friday’s Child Is Loving & Giving

HEROIMAGEFriday’s Child is the weekly, weekend guide delivered to over 10,000 Londoners every Friday. An edit in the truest sense of the word, each edition — delivered in the format of a highly-visual, tightly-written newsletter — comes with a recommendation for Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the strapline: “your weekend starts here.”

For the hottest new tables in town to tried-and-trusted favourites, there’s something for everyone in each weekend edit – so long as you’re food-obsessed, cocktail-loving and style-driven. Which is every Londoner, right? The USP, however, are the reader ‘perks’ peppered throughout each edition: whether a complimentary cocktail in a bar or access to a secret-off menu item, subscribers will always have access to something that other Londoners don’t.

The brainchild of restaurant PR and food journalist Nicky Clarke, Friday’s Child will be celebrating its first birthday early 2015 and builds on subscribers month on month. Working alongside others restaurant PR’s to secure reader perks and hear about new openings, Nicky ensures the content is more wow-that’s-new than seen-it-all-before.

Nicky says: “I can’t wait to take Friday’s Child into 2015: we’ve a bold new redesign planned to keep things exciting, together with plans for content on the actual website, and a couple of third-party partnerships in the pipeline. Our social media channels, too, will also be playing a more pivotal role. Watch this space.”


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