HEALTH AND FITNESS – Calvin Bonds’ 2015 Health and Fitness Bootcamp – Juicing expert Christopher Plummer


Tell us about yourself. Who is Christopher Plummer?

Good question, who am I? I would like to say that who I am now at age 45 is a man with a “Purpose Driven Life.” I’m focused on my Faith, Family, Finances and Future. I’m a firm believer “If you fail to plan then you plan to fail!” So, whatever I’m involved in, it must line up with fulfilling my purpose. If not, it’s a waste of my time! So in a nutshell I’m a man with a life plan.

Tell us about your juicing journey before you started the 2015 Calvin Bonds Health and Fitness Challenge

Weuh! Well life for me was CRAZY! I had to make the conscious decision to commit to myself…CHRIS! I’m always going and doing things for everyone else as planned, but I forget about me in the process.

At 45, 5’9” and 207lbs with a 36’ waist it was ALL BAD! To my recollection my measurements were a lot smaller, but the labels on my clothes said otherwise. After watching a life- changing segment on Dr. Oz about how to manage your weight and change your eating lifestyle, I became intrigued. And the fact that they never used the word diet further aroused my interest. Then I was faced with making a decision on how I wanted to live my life.

So, I began doing research on what was best for my health and my life. I decided not to get a juicer, but I would benefit better results from a nutrient extractor aka NutriBullet. As for my meals, I learned that lean meats produce lean results. Processed sugar, pasta’s, starches, and carbs all equal SUGAR at the end of their journey in a person’s body. So, turkey breast, chicken breast, tuna, salmon, shrimp, and my newfound love of lamb were now the guests on my table. The vegetables and fruits I juice are also the ingredients I use when cooking my meals. Being consistent in everything I eat was key to my success. I decided to juice with the hopes of improving four different areas of my life: immune system, digestive system, my energy, and healthier skin.

The Nutribullet recommended 24oz juicing for an average of 2 times a day. I decided to juice 12oz for four times a day in addition to incorporating two solid meals (breakfast and dinner or lunch and dinner) for maximum results. Juicing an hour prior to your meal allows all the nutrients to absorb into your blood stream, whereas eating a meal while juicing requires an acid build up to break down your solid meal. Eating while juicing also eliminates the chances of receiving all the nutrients from your juicing experience.

What made you get involved in the 2015 Calvin Bonds Health and Fitness Challenge? What are your goals?

I joined the Fitness Challenge simply to be apart of something “Big.” I love being connected to people doing great things. The health movement is not just a fad, but it’s a lifestyle. I’m excited about being the new me!

These are my goals:

  • Educate myself on the healthiest ways to be a healthier me.
  • Equip my body with discipline and hard work, and obtain knowledge of what it takes to maintain my new way of living.
  • Empower others to learn that you can live the best life you can live if you just put your mind to it!

You started the 2015 Calvin Bonds Health and Fitness Challenge being featured as a juicing expert. How was that experience and what was the impact on the participants in the group?

My experience was awesome! As I shared my journey on my healthier way of living, many people began to inquire about the differences between the Nutrient Extractor, Juicer, and a Blender. So I shared with them the importance of consulting with their primary physician before they began their journey. It’s important that you make an informed decision about your change in diet. It can turn into a bad situation when you don’t know the risk.

Juicer, blender, or Nutribullet? In your opinion which one is the best to use and why?

I choose the Nurtibullet!

A blinder only breaks down so much of its contents leaving you with a thick glass of liquid food particles in your mouth. A juicer is big and bulky. It requires a lot of clean up. The juicer also eliminates fiber and other nutrients that are not going to be apart of your juicing experiences. A NutriBullet gives you a complete breakdown of its contents. It liquefies its contents so well that you can drink the contents and get both fiber and nutrients. It allows your body to absorb the nutrient contents right into your bloodstream.

Give us some helpful juicing tips?

  1. Consult with your physician as soon as you have a made a decision to start juicing.
  2. Always juice on an empty stomach. It will allow your contents to be absorbed and go right into the blood stream.
  3. Never throw anything out. You can always breakdown your contents with other ingredients and create a new batch.
  4. If something doesn’t taste good you can take 1 banana bite and chew it, then cover your tongue with it and drink over it. Repeat this process until you complete your drink. The same can be done with honey.

What drives you?

Knowing that changing my lifestyle of healthier eating will result in me being my best, so I can give my best!

In closing, what is your message for people reading this article who have their own health and fitness goals?

You have the power of CHOICE in your hands. You have the ability to write your own page in life and tell your stories. You can tell stories of how you struggled, suffered, endured, and survived. This is your opportunity to stand on your platform of life and say from start to finish “this is how I did it, this is where I was, and now here I am.”

You start taking your health seriously and it will start taking you seriously. I have a saying “What you can’t live with you change. What you can’t change you learn to live with!”

*****Straight talk Leads To Straight Understanding*****