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April 19

HEALTH – Juice your way to health

I have 2 young children and felt that it was about time I did something to kick start shifting my baby weight. I don’t really have time to exercise apart from running around after my kids so figured that a juice cleanse might be the way to go. I decided to go straight for a […]

December 02

DRINK – Roots Collective, your 5 a day in a bottle

Fancy a snack, but would rather it was healthy? Roots Collective have created a range of vegetable blends, that will not only keep hunger at bay, but ensure you consume valuable vitamins and they have a great range, to suit every taste! Carrot Zing – is great for those who love a ginger kick, this […]

June 02

HEALTH AND FITNESS – Calvin Bonds’ 2015 Health and Fitness Bootcamp – Juicing expert Christopher Plummer

Tell us about yourself. Who is Christopher Plummer? Good question, who am I? I would like to say that who I am now at age 45 is a man with a “Purpose Driven Life.” I’m focused on my Faith, Family, Finances and Future. I’m a firm believer “If you fail to plan then you plan […]

January 09

HEALTH AND BEAUTY – Get heathy this year with Philips and Currys

My favourite new toy is a brand new Philips Viva Collection Juicer from Currys, I can not shout out loud enough from the top of the mountains just how much I love it.  The juicer is very easy to use and easy to clean. You do not even have to peel the fruit or vegetables, just […]