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November 30

BEAUTY – How to look younger within a week!

They say 40 is the new 30 and although I don’t know how you are ‘meant’ to feel in your 40’s, for me that statement rings true. Although to be honest, I still feel like I am 20! Right up until her last days my mother was the life of the party, looked 10 years […]

October 15


If you recall, last time I highlighted how invaluable retinol was as my weapon of choice with my ongoing war against ageing. Well, if retinol is my nuclear bomb, then glycolic acid are my missiles. However, as with retinol if your skin is somewhat sensitive then you have to be ultra careful with the products […]

September 18

BEAUTY – Looking Younger! The Magic Ingredient Retinol!

If you recall in my first article I discussed how using intense acne creams, such as Retin A, as a teenager conditioned my skin for later on in life. When I used it to treat my severe acne it acted as a chemical peel and l resembled a leper as my skin was literally falling […]