LONDON EATERIES – Outstanding Jamaican food at Rudie’s in Dalston


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Dalston is becoming one of the most attractive places in London from its popular clubs and iconic street art. Some people don’t know about the fantastic Jamaican restaurant Rudie’s, on Stoke Newington Road. Rudie’s gives its customers a tropical city environment, with lights in modern shaped palm trees and intimate candle lit tables.

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Our waiter, Hugo, was very familiar with all of the dishes and helped order the best of the best from Rudie’s wide menu. He started our meal off with their signature cocktail Katch A Fire (Cocktail for two), with tropical fruit lining the sides and ordered multiple starters including classic Patties, Jerk Calamaris, Peppa Shrimp (spicy!), and Ackee & Saltfish Bakes. My personal favorites were the Patties and Jerk Calamaris. The Patties were light yet filled with delicious meat and the Jerk Calamaris were very crispy and flavourful. Needless to say, I was already pretty stuffed just from these delicious starters. However, my hunger quickly arose again when Hugo brought out the Ya Man! Platter main dish. This platter offered portions from all of Rudie’s Real Jerk platters including chicken, pork, lamb and red cabbage slaw. I was very thankful that Hugo suggested this plate because it gives the customers the opportunity to try all of their Real Jerk plates in one. After a very satisfying meal, we tastefully finished the night with the Dr No and Governor General cocktails.

This Jamaican gem is a very chic and cozy place to have dinner, or even just a few drinks. The next time you find yourself in Dalston, be sure to try out Rudie’s for a fun filled and delicious night.

Rudies, 50 Stoke Newington Rd, London N16 7XB

Phone: 020 7249 9930


Heart London 5 Star Rating

Décor 4

Drink 5

Atmosphere 5

Food 5

Service 5

Hannah, Heart London Magazine