LONDON EVENTS – Ankit Love, the youngest candidate to run for London Mayor

3195-editAnkit Love is a man on a mission, after achieving success as an independent British recording artist on MTV USA and premiering his films at the Cannes Film Festivalhe is now the youngest candidate to ever run for the Mayor of London elections. Ankit Love reaches out to the youth that remain unrepresented in politics, however, his innovative policies will resonate with people of all ages. He dares to tackle the cannabis issue, to make it safe and bring in a much-needed revenue for London. The housing crisis, which Ankit has experienced first hand, is at its peak. Through his One Love Party, Ankit has created a cost-effective solution, helping thousands like himself, who simply can’t afford London’s extortionate rental fees. He passionately tackles our pollution crisis, in which 9500 a year die from in London. Ankit Love founded the self-funded One Love Party and like a fairy tale, from under a railway arch in East London, they are now competing to take over City Hall.

Love has experienced the housing crisis first-hand, as he spent months in a 16 bedroom hostel in Hackney and is now living in a room with no windows or central heating. Countless young Londoners are unable to live with dignity: The One Love Party has a cost effective solution to this drastic situation. Modular construction, also known as flat pack building, is a new technology that makes it possible to erect a 57-story building in just 19 days and at a fraction of the cost of regular construction. If elected, Ankit Love would build flat pack skyscrapers on the 5,700 acres of land owned by the GLA through TfL. This faster and cheaper option is the most viable route to finally leave behind the capital’s housing crisis. With up to a million new homes built, this scheme would certainly relieve the £3bn yearly loss in consumer spending caused by out-of-control housing prices.

London urgently needs to open its doors to the youth. Ankit Love was shocked to find that none of the other Mayoral candidates are assessing this concern. The One Love Party deems education, including University, to be a human right and should as such be free. London Universities are rapidly shrinking in size compared to their campus town counterparts. Offering free higher-level education for Londoners would provide an enormous incentive for local students who want to remain in the capital. The One Love Party also wants to offer more and better work opportunities, such as free commercial spaces, for young entrepreneurs living in London.

The One Love Party wants to legalise the sale and distribution of cannabis. In ending the prohibition era of cannabis, the substance would become more controlled and thus safer for consumers and harder for minors to acquire. Through the taxation of this plant there is an estimated £900 million yearly revenue to be made. This sum would be redirected into paying for our other large-scale projects. The public money that is usually spent on policing cannabis would be redirected towards fighting violence and corruption.

Amongst his many plans and policies including youth initiatives, free ultra-fast Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) and a new era of space exploration, the number one issue for Ankit Love remains the air pollution pandemic. By labelling this as the CAWMDs (Chemical Air Wastes of Mass Destruction) Crisis, he points to a loss of mankind’s first fundamental human right to breathe. CAWMDs cost the UK over 40,000 lives a year, a loss of life that has now surpassed World War II British civilian deaths. In reaction to the April 2015 Supreme Court judgment calling for ministers to take “immediate action” on this issue, the One Love Party has drawn up unprecedented plans. By implementing clean energy sources such as solar, electric and hydrogen fuels as rapidly as possible, the ultimate aim is to replace the entire fossil fuel economy. Ankit Love’s War on air pollution would turn Central London into a zero emissions zone, where fossil fuel-combustion vehicles are banned entirely. At a national level, the One Love Party calls for the application of the 2004 Civil Contingencies Act with strategic aid from the Bank of England (quantitative easing) and the British army. The implementation of this proposal at a national level would make Britain energy-sovereign, independent from foreign oil and gas imports, thus reducing the need for British involvement in the Middle East.

“The One Love party aims to convey a universal message of unity and peace for all of mankind. It wants to rid the world of the metaphorical barriers that suppress socio-economic and intellectual freedoms. Human rights; health and well-being; freedom of information: these are the values we hold sacrosanct”.

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