LONDON EATERIES – Sophisticated and fun, Balans Soho Society


Over the past few decades, Soho has unfortunately been the biggest target of gentrification in London. However, Balans Soho Society is one of the few places that still contains the heart of the original quirky Soho. The inside has a sophisticated, yet buzzing atmosphere, with unique paintings and golden wall designs. I had two deliciously fruity cocktails starting with the Blueberry Banger and finishing with the Texan Fruit. Along for the ride, my friend ordered The Society Teddy Bear which was served in a bear shaped cup! How adorable is that?

Along with our cocktails we were graced with three small plates, or as Balans calls them, “Whet Your Appetites”. It was difficult to pick just three plates of the mouthwatering variety, but after careful consideration, I was immensely delighted with my choices. The best small plate to start off is the Shrimp and Avocado Salad. Topped with Florida sauce, this salad is a fantastic light beginner to a satisfying meal. The second whet plate I ordered—also the most surprising plate—was the Burnt Aubergine Baba Ganoush, which was recommended by our waiter. The spread is trickled with pomegranates and comes with a side of flat breads. The pieces of flat bread topped with this light yet tasteful spread is a fantastic way to get your meal started. Last but not least, The Proveleta (which was my favorite Appetite of the night). The Proveleta contained filling sour dough bread topped with baked provolone cheese and tomatoes for spread. If you’re looking for a strong savoury beginner, the Proveleta should definitely be your go to dish. These three plates were a great little mix of tastes, to accompany our delicious cocktails.

If you’re looking for a strong savoury beginner, the Proveleta should definitely be your go to dish.

The atmosphere and food weren’t the only good things about Balans Soho Society. The staff were impeccable and provided great service. If you want a classy yet fun night for dinner or even just cocktails, I recommend you head to Balans Society Soho to try it out.

Balans Society Soho, 60-62 Old Compton St, London W1D 4UG
Heart London 5 Star Rating

Décor 5

Food 4

Drink 5

Service 4

Atmosphere 5

Hannah, Heart London Magazine