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April 05

LONDON EATERIES – Sophisticated and fun, Balans Soho Society

Over the past few decades, Soho has unfortunately been the biggest target of gentrification in London. However, Balans Soho Society is one of the few places that still contains the heart of the original quirky Soho. The inside has a sophisticated, yet buzzing atmosphere, with unique paintings and golden wall designs. I had two deliciously […]

March 03

LONDON EATERIES – Mind-blowing White Chocolate Cheesecake at Balans Soho Society, Westfield London

Walking through Westfield Shopping Centre, you could see a clear division: on the left was the shopping mall with beautiful shop windows, and on the right many different types of restaurants with various specialties. I was going for Balans Soho Society, with a diverse menu and great cocktails, and I am certain that I have […]