FOOD – Love it or hate it, ANYONE can name it

Love it or hate it, ANYONE can name it

Marmite is back with its personalisation service just in time for Christmas

Following the overwhelmingly successful launch of personalised Marmite last Christmas, which saw over 100,000 names printed on jars, the nation’s favourite toast topper is once again allowing Brits to personalise their jars of the famous yeasty elixir.

In a year when names have arguably never been so symbolic and divisive, Marmite aims to bring some much-needed festive cheer and unity to the country by inviting anyone and everyone to add their name to a jar.

The yeasty spread also looked back at the names of those who purchased jars last year, to see what were Britain’s most popular, unpopular, naughty, nice and downright odd names.

Surprisingly, it was discovered that fathers were the most spoilt of all the family, with ‘Dad’ jars outselling all other names, including ‘Mum’, 2:1.

James appeared to be one of the naughtiest names of them all, with ‘James’ being the only name to sell more naughty jars than nice.

However, if you were called ‘John’ or ‘Charlotte’, you’d be most likely to be in for a corker of a Marmite Christmas, with these names topping 2015’s list of most popular girls and boys names.

The jar also played cupid last Christmas, with six Brits choosing to make a proposal by emblazoning ‘Marry Me’ across a jar of the sticky spread.

Yet most bizarrely, 283 people ordered personalised jars with the word ‘Marmite’ printed on the jar, proving that some lovers are too wedded to the classic look to change it.

This Christmas, no matter the name or the message, Brits are sure to find the perfect stocking filler or secret Santa present thanks to the personalisation service.

The 250g jars can be personalised and purchased from Marmite’s all-new personalisation website for £4.99.