MUSIC – Ian Wills of London Country releases brand new charity record ‘Mercy’

We chat to the man who once tried to buy Princess Diana’s letters about his new single ‘Mercy’.

What would you be if you weren’t a singer/songwriter? A football agent.

What are your expectations for your music career? To hear my songs being played on the radio.

Which song that you have written, is the most valuable one to you? ‘Mercy’ it is the first song that both the music and lyrics are written are 100% my own creation, so in monetary value it has to be ‘Mercy’.

Who has been an inspiration for your song? My daughter Summer’s grandmother made a comment to me when we was sitting in Chichester Cathedral for Summer’s school assembly, that led me to go home and write ‘Mercy’ and to a large degree the song is autobiographical.  

How do you translate your personal battles in a song that people can identify themselves with? Truth hurts, lies kill, in telling the truth people seem to identify some part of my battles with their own, I once wrote the lines “I Never write a 4 minute song Coz at 3.59 it always goes wrong”.

In which country would you like to perform one day? Australia as I have always wanted to play on ‘ The Big Day Out’.

Are there any plans for a collaboration with other artists? I am trying to get Chris Martin to guest on the London Country album, but he doesn’t know me from a row of beans, so I am not holding my breath.

What is your favourite song? Thunder Road, Bruce Springsteen.

How old were you when you found out that music is your passion? When I was 12 I lived in new Zealand for a year, I would spend a lot of time with the local Maori’s and just loved hearing the guitar being played.

How would friends and daily describe you? Driven to the point of bonkers.

Mercy is a powerful ballad speaking candidly about past sins, whilst the Prebendal School Chamber Choir provides a harmonious backdrop to the poignant composition. The song itself portrays Wills’ personal journey, as a damaged man, clamouring towards the light.


Mercy is now available on ITunes, Amazon, and Spotify. All proceeds from the single will be going towards Macmillan Cancer Support & Chichester Cathedral Choral Foundation Fund.


Mercy Official Video: