DRINK – Roots Collective, your 5 a day in a bottle

Fancy a snack, but would rather it was healthy? Roots Collective have created a range of vegetable blends, that will not only keep hunger at bay, but ensure you consume valuable vitamins and they have a great range, to suit every taste!

Carrot Zing – is great for those who love a ginger kick, this drink is vibrant and tasty.

Green Warrior – our favourite, the refreshing taste of cucumber, fresh and delicious.

Asian Sling – thicker in texture, made with fresh coriander and bursting with flavour.

Garden Greens – a minty and refreshing drink, super foods in a glass.

Sweet Beets – a red pepper and beetroot delight, with a vibrant colour and moreish taste.

As the debate over Juicing v Smoothies continues, Roots Collective (www.rootscollective.co.uk/blends) have launched the UK’s first ever range of whole vegetable Blends.

Beloved by health-conscious New Yorkers, Blends are the next dimension in juicing. With over 80% vegetable in each recipe, fewer than 127 calories and no added fruit juice, Roots Collective Blends are a radical new fresh fridge essential to quench hunger.  The new range are as thick as a shake, have bite and can be eaten hot or cold.

Not only for drinking from the bottle, the versatile product can also be enjoyed as a sauce or a soup, frozen as a nutrient-dense ice pop or topped with herbs and nuts as part of a superfood bowl.

Roots Collective Blends, RRP £2.95