BOOKS – A must read ‘mental health issues from a highly intimate perspective’

James Shapiro has always written personal works that illustrate mental health issues from a highly intimate perspective; now, his new novel, published on November 30th, promises to be his most developed work yet.

“I don’t write because I enjoy it, but because I have no choice; I bleed words.

Sunrise over Belet recounts one man’s struggle from boyhood through to adulthood with the demon voices in his head. A troubled school life gives rise to academic success and then a career in the city, neither of which assuages the increasingly loud noises in James’ head and which dog James at every turn. The death of a friend propels James rapidly into a new life in another country and so his voyage of self-discovery continues.

Sunrise over Belet is a fascinating insight into one of the many aspects of the human condition with a brilliantly managed conclusion. Jams Shapiro’s debut establishes him as one of the most devastatingly honest writers on the market, with a style that speaks to all readers worldwide.

Sunrise Over Belet, published by Austin Macauley, is available to purchase on the 30th November 2017. For more information, visit our website:


Title: Sunrise Over Belet

Author: James Shapiro

ISBN: 9781787103405

RRP: £ 7.99