LONDON EATERIES – Gamble and experience your best bet at Heliot Steak House


In London, tourist attractions like Tower Bridge, The London Eye, The Shard, And Sky Garden, all of these are so well known across the world. Experiencing London doesn’t mean going to see each main attraction but it means exploring the streets of London and the amazing places it has to offer.

Leicester Square is a top tourist attraction and is the spot where the Hippodrome Casino lies.  Casinos like the Hippodrome, Empire, Grosvenor’s Park Tower and Manchester 235 are all part of the bigger picture, The National Casino Forum. The National Casino Forum, NCF, is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all guests from all around the world that come to visit their casinos, especially in London. Because of the NCF’s mission, my experience with Empire and the Hippodrome went 100% better than I would have ever expected.

The Heliot Steak House at the Hippodrome is the perfect spot to get the full experience of a luxury casino and a luxury meal. The steakhouse is known for one thing, steak. And let me tell you they do not disappoint. But for me, it wasn’t the steak that made my night special. It was the staff.

The staff was attentive and extremely knowledgeable about everything the restaurant had to offer. At the Heliot Steak House, I was able to sit and enjoy my meal with a beautiful view of the bustling casino downstairs. I was also able to enjoy it with suggested wines and desserts thanks to their staff.

There’s no doubt that I ordered steak but let’s start with mentioning the restaurant’s exquisite starters. Someone like me with a Hispanic cultural background loves ceviche, a raw fish dish with mouthwatering taste. I was skeptical to try the ceviche at a steakhouse but my waitress, Georgia, explained everything that this dish had to offer and I was sold. This sea bass had an immense amount of flavour! I enjoyed it so much I wish I had ordered two to be honest. Some key ingredients were of course lime but their lemon dill sauce and cucumber mixed with the secret ingredients only the kitchen knows of really added to the amazing taste. Not to mention the display of this dish was capturing, served in a clear glass plate with smoke coming out made the experience unforgettable. It’s funny saying this about a plate of food but it really was an experience.

For those of you that don’t have taste buds for raw fish go with the safe option, meatballs. These aren’t your regular meatballs though. These are packed with an unexplainable flavour that you can’t get anywhere else! Definitely, a starter to try at the steakhouse.

Aside from steaks, the Heliot Steak House does offer other mains like lamb, halloumi burgers, ribs, a variety of fishes and chicken. They also have vegetarian options, which make their menu more open to anyone!

Reading the menu my eyes went directly to their Award Winning 28 Day Aged USDA Prime Steak. Small, medium and large sizes for whatever preference you’re feeling for the night. Honestly, the way their menu is set up helped me figure out exactly what I wanted. A fillet. Perfect.

Each steak should be paired with your choice of toppings and of course steak butter and sauces. For me, streaky bacon was my top choice for toppings. As for the sauces, Béarnaise sauce and red wine sauce caught my attention. As for another choice, the T bone steak with wild mushrooms paired with garlic butter and blue cheese butter was another route to go down and it wasn’t the wrong route either.

Both of these meals were amazing and to top it, off the sides added to the full experience. I clearly ordered a mac and cheese but I branched out and tried their sweet potato fries which were mouthwatering. Again, to complete the meal Georgia suggested a lovely medium red Italian wine to be paired with our dinner.

Ah, finally if you didn’t think that was the best part then you’re in for a treat. Dessert. The most popular dish, and only I know why is the white Russian cheesecake. The white Russian cheesecake contains Kahlua caramel and hazelnut ice cream. Another one of my favorite options was the Charlotte, which is dulce de leche ice cream and hot chocolate sauce. These two desserts were paired with a lovely dessert wine that added the perfect ending to a perfect night out.

Heliot’s Address: 14 Cranbourn St, London WC2H 7JH
Telephone Number: 020 7769 8844
Heart London Magazine 5 Star Rating:
Food 5
Drink 5
Service 5
Decor 5
Atmosphere 5


Sarah Herrera, Heart London Magazine