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Fatt Pundit is the new talked about restaurant which creatively mixes and serves food from two different cultures: the Chinese culture and the Indian culture. You will experience the best of both worlds in one single dish! Located on 77 Berwick Street, which is 7 minutes away from Oxford Circus station, we were able to understand why there were people lining up in a queue just to experience this sensation.

The restaurant has a nice ambience. The restaurant is smaller than most restaurants but it is nothing short of amazing. You are met by the host as soon as you walk through the door who is dressed impeccably, he leads to your seat and on your way there, you are able to see the chef working tirelessly in the open kitchen, giving the customers the chance to see how the food is being prepared, which is a nice touch. The interior design is simple yet classy, mild but sophisticated.

You are handed with the menu, where there are a lot of amazing dishes to choose from!

The restaurant kindly allowed us to try multiple dishes and in every dish, you definitely see how the Indian and Chinese flavours came together!

The Mix Vegetable Momo and the Chicken Momo were the dishes to start with as our starter:

The Mix Vegetable momo is a great light starter, perfect for vegetarians. The mouthwatering momo comes on a small dish with sweet and spicy chutneys on the side. The skin of the dumpling is delicate, the same texture as the sweet tender spinach that is inside the dumpling. The mushroom adds a meaty zest to the momo and the courgette and tofu adds an authentic taste. The sweet chutney is the perfect sauce to dip these into as it compliments all the ingredients inside.

With the Chicken momo, you immediately smell the aroma of the heavenly moist chicken. The spring onions and garlic are a perfect touch and the soy gives the momo a glistening appearance. The spicy chutney is the perfect match with this momo as it kicks your tastebuds into gear.

As the menu has a veg section, we decided to try the Crispy Okra Salt and Pepper.

The Crispy Okra Salt and Pepper has to be the most creative okra dish Heart London Magazine has seen. Usually okra is served with yam in African households but this crispy-coated okra is genius. You experience both hard and soft textures: the hard crispiness of the outer skin of the okra and once you bit into it, you are met with the velvety-sauced okra. The garlic gives the meal an additional twang and the chillies give an overall fiery kick.

For the seafood section of the menu, the Crunchy Peppercorn Crab was the dish choice that was picked.

This dish will definitely get your attention! When you see those words on the menu, you try to work out exactly what this dish is. Your instincts (and your tummy) will be telling you to order this and it will be a decision well made. This dish is colourful, the crunchy golden brown crab is decorated with charred scallion, red peppers, coriander and it sits on a pool of wok-blistered corn. The crab is incredibly tasty and soft, almost feather-like and the peppers, scallion and coriander add a savoury flavour to the crab. The chewy sweet corn has a subtle salty taste.

For the Meat, Game + Poultry, We decided to go for the Manchurian Chicken.

The presentation of the Manchurian chicken was exceptional. Served on a wooden slab, the two pieces of Manchurian chicken sit with its bones intertwined with each other. The coriander sits on top of the chicken, not only making the dish look more amazing but also giving off a lemon-lime like scent, vigorous and sweet. The appetizing chicken was cooked to perfection; it was full of flavour, which was only enhanced by the spicy chutney, which came in a small pot on the side.

For all noodle lovers, the Vegetable Hakka Noodles with bean sprout, cabbage and green onion is the best choice for you as a side dish. The lightly salted noodles are well cooked and the crispy cabbage adds a natural scent to the meal. The green onion adds a luscious garlic taste and is a good match with the nutty, crunchy taste and texture of the beansprout.

The Pak Choy as a side dish is also great! The whole Pak Choy was well done; it is the perfect light side dish to have when you are eating a filling main meal. The Pak Choy is fresh and organic; it shines as it swims in a little bit of sauce, which gave the Pak Choy a little sweetened taste. You can never go wrong with Pak Choy. One of Heart London Magazine’s favourite dishes to eat!

The desert was the ultimate finish to the ENTIRE MEAL. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘go all out with a bang’? Well Fatt Pundit makes sure that you finish your last course of your meal with exactly that, a big bang!

The Sizzling Brownie with vanilla ice cream is honestly the most exciting and exhilarating desert Heart London Magazine has ever seen. Such a sight for sore eyes! Coming is a circular black metal saucepan; a ball of vanilla ice cream sits neatly in the middle on the dish on top of the chocolate brownie as chocolate sauce surrounds it. The waiter will proceed to pour hot chocolate all over the vanilla ice cream. As soon as it mixes with the chocolate sauce that is already in the dish, it begins to sizzle, heating up the dish in a sense. As it takes a few seconds to stop sizzling, when you simply take your spoon to cut into the ice cream, the brownie, all topping it with the chocolate sauce, you begin to hear the angels sing. The hotness of the chocolate sauce and the wintry ice cream, when the best of both worlds come together like that, it can only be one thing; EPIC!

If you would like to go a restaurant that intertwines foods and cultures from different places and executes that principle perfectly, Fatt Pundit is the place where you should go, there is no doubt about that.

Fatt Pundit Address: 77 Berwick St, Soho, London, W1F 8TH

Fatt Pundit Contact Number: 44 20 7287 7900

Heart London Magazine Rating:

Food 5

Drink 5

Service 5

Decor 4

Atmosphere 5