LONDON EATERIES – Bottomless brunch in Paradise at Restaurant Ours!

Situated just five minutes walking distance from South Kensington Station, Restaurant Ours is located in one of the most luxurious areas in London. On arrival, a beautiful tunnel of flowers leads you from the real world in to a hidden fairy tale land. On entry to the restaurant, your eyes are immediately drawn to a large tree with fairy lights in the middle of the room, a gigantic overgrown plant wall and the stunningly beautiful décor. It’s as if you’ve stepped in to paradise! One of the delightful hosts will welcome you with open arms and lead you through this spacious, open plan room to your table, where you’ll be waited on hand and foot and served delicious food and drink; whatever your heart may desire.

Whether it be a friend or family get together, birthday celebrations, or after-work drinks, the bottomless brunch at Restaurant Ours is a fantastic experience. Whatever the occasion might be, I promise you’ll have a fantastic time here.

The food is incredible. For the bottomless brunch you have a large variety of delicious choices. Whilst you wait, order the Crispy Feta, Kataifi. The Truffel and honey surrounding the Feta role is so delicious and melts like butter in your mouth. It is exceptional and the perfect starter for what is about to come.

The seafood dishes are remarkable. Try the Wild Prawns Pil Pil, the perfectly pink succulent prawns are big, juicy and meaty, and taste just as good as they look. As well as the toasted bread small grilled octopus called ‘ A la fiera’, a great and clean taste of chewey sea meat. If you got more room, I’d suggest adding the Mazzara del vallo prawns with Linguini. The fine Linguini noodles give you a light and springy taste in combination with the prawns.

If you’re a seafood lover, you can expect the highest quality here served on a plate. Besides the Seafood, Restaurant Ours also offers a great meat selection on the menu. We sampled the Cornish lamb cutlets. The Moroccon inspired lamb cutlets with harissa and aubergine are a culinary experience, and will have your taste buds wanting more.

The presentation of the cocktails was delightful. Don’t be shy on the drinks! I tried many, and all of them were outstanding.  The light, fruity flavour of the Bellini is a great side choice to have on your ride through the bottomless brunch experience at Restaurant Ours. They’ve even got different flavours for you to choose from!A big cocktail highlight for me was the MADE IN CHELSEA, which was a rollercoaster ride into a different world.

If you’re not sure what to choose, ask the staff. The staff is really knowledgeable and really helpful at recommending cocktails that suit your preferred taste.

Be sure to check out this spot on weekend nights, as they also have live music playing and an upstairs lounge to continue the night after an extraordinary dinner. Restaurant Ours also offers private dinning rooms for any kind of occasion.

Restaurant Ours’s Website

Restaurant Ours’s Address: 264 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London, SW3 2AS

Telephone Number: 0207 100 2200


Heart London Magazine 5 Star Rating:

Food 5

Drink 5

Service 5

Decor 5

Atmosphere 5


Stephanie, Heart London Magazine