LONDON HOTELS – Enjoy a night a stay at this hidden gem, the Victory House Hotel

Victory House Hotel is located in central London’s Leicester Square. You may think this means noisy people and loud cars but think again. The building is in the middle of a theatre and a restaurant but because of its location there’s not much noise from the square.

The building is quite modern with its white marble and black exterior as well as its lobby area which has a booth and high top seats for those who need to rest after a long day of traveling. Connected to the lobby is the dining area, where free breakfast is served to guests in the morning from 7am to 10:30am. The hotel is connected to a small restaurant and contains a nice cocktail bar as well as a lunch and dinner menu, sadly lunch and dinner is not included but as tasty as breakfast was I am positive meals at the restaurant are amazing as well.

Throughout the Victory House Hotel there is a theme of old time movies and black and white. It sets a lovely relaxed vibe to the entire hotel and truly allows for one to get a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Our room was perfect for two, it had a lovely view of Leicester Square. Next to the windows was comfy built in light blue velvet sofa which was perfect while we drank some tea and had a biscuit, compliments of the hotel of course! Even more comfortable than the sofa was, without a doubt, the bed. The pillows and mattress all felt as if we were sleeping on a cloud and helped with a great nights sleep to feel energized the next day. The lamps next to the bed made it easy for us to set the mood as each lamp could be turned downward for a lovely dimmed and romantic lighting or upward to give the room more light whilst getting ready for an evening out.

The bathroom was gorgeous and looked brand new. The walls were covered with white and grey tiles, even inside the shower. The shower head was a modern rain shower head but also a detachable smaller shower head was implemented for those who would much rather prefer two options.

Our stay with Victory House Hotel would not have been as amazing if it weren’t for the staff. The staff greeted us with open arms and made us aware of everything the hotel had to offer. Our room was perfectly set up from the fresh towels to the lovely pillow decor. We received complimentary tea, snacks, and water as there’s a hidden mini refrigerator in the room! This hotel is in the perfect location, next to London’s Chinatown as well as next to many bars, clubs, and casinos. The best thing about our stay was the fact that we did not hear much noise from central London and were truly able to escape the rush of city life for a lovely weekend.

Throughout our stay, we experience relaxation and rejuvenation through the warm bath towels, cloudlike pillows and bed, velvet sofa and steamy shower. A wonderful weekend getaway from a noise London city.


Heart London 5 Star Review

Hotel Service: 5

Decor: 4

Bedroom: 5

Food: 4

Facilities: 5

Victory House Hotel,

Address14 Leicester Pl, London WC2H 7BZ