TOYS – Let their imagination go wild with these educational toys

When looking for toys for my little one, I always try to look for toys that are both educational and fun.  Here are four different toys we have tried and tested that we know your little one will love!

John Adams Play Stuff Party Fun – aged 3 +

The 3D play scene is sturdy, non-stick and has two illustrated areas for the dough to be played on.

This set is perfect for little fingers, they can cut out circles and shapes with the plastic knife or simply make their own shapes with the coloured dough. This set can help teach colours, co-ordination and shapes. As well as decorating the cakes, they can play noughts and crosses, and the set comes with 3 different coloured doughs. When they have finished playing the box simply folds away, making it easy to store. My 2 year old adores this set, he names the colours, shapes and loves the fact he can create a party on the board.

Available at Ocado for £7.99

Goula Coloured Rings set aged 3 +

The game aims to help children learn number and quantity concepts by placing the different coloured rings on the posts to meet the number along the base.

Though aimed at 3 year olds, my two year old adores this set and will play with it for hours. He happily places the rings on the rods and counts them, affectionately calling the rings doghnuts. The numbered squares can be removed and behind them can be seen black dots, another way to count and although my son could already count to ten he enjoyed counting whilst putting on the rings.  This is an excellent learning tool and a toy that can literally provide hours of educational fun.

Available at Amazon for £30.13

John Adams Colour Amazing aged 6+

ColourMazing is the new, innovative and exciting way to colour in! Spread the ink, blend the colours seamlessly together and watch as the ink magically stops at the lines to create colourful jungle scenes.  ColourMazing is a great way to keep children entertained while travelling or at home as a fun rainy-day activity.  Includes four craft activities to decorate and make, as well as four magic ink pens.

Although this magical colour set is aimed at 6 years old’s, my 2 year old loves using it. The set comes with 4 designs and 6 ink pens which magically stop at the ends, so you can expect a perfect picture every time. The ink is completely washable and you can turn the animals into 3D or puppets! I must admit I loved drawing with this toy too!

Available at Amazon for £9.99

John Adams Fuzzy-Felt Space aged 3-6+

Make spectacular space scenes with over 100 Fuzzy-Felt pieces.  Create a starry scene, launch a rocket into space and watch an astronaut walk with your Fuzzy-Felt Space set.

Sometimes traditional toys can’t be beat and this can be said of Fuzzy-Felt which was first launched in 1950 and has gone on to become one of Britain’s favourite toys. This set is so easy to use and can tap into the imagination of a child as they build their very own space world by sticking coloured shapes including aliens, space ships and more onto a felt board. This is a toy that can be played with for years as it has a great age range of 3-6.

Available at Amazon for £11.67