LONDON EATERIES – Freshly made Dim Sun at the Orient London

Walking through Chinatown can be a bit overwhelming especially when you are looking for a place to eat! Almost every restaurant in Chinatown has an immense amount of choices on its menu. As you walk into Chinatown on Wardour Street you will find one of the first restaurants on that street to be Orient London. This acclaimed Chinese restaurant specializes in ​Szechuan and Cantonese cuisine. Orient London’s specialty is fresh and hand made Dim Sum as well as seafood dishes. Orient London is one of the only restaurants that still consistently make Dim Sum fresh daily and by hand. But don’t let this stop you from trying other dishes on the menu!

My first option was, of course, going to be the Dim Sum because it looked amazing on other people’s tables and I knew I needed to try Orient London’s specialty. When the steamer basket arrived at my table my taste buds were already triggered. I ordered the steamed dim sum platter which came with eight pieces of mixed dim sum. The platter was a mix of prawn, scallop, mushroom, and prawn with chives. The texture was sticky but fresh and the taste was delicious, each bite melted in my mouth and had a burst of flavor. I also ordered the deep fried chicken gyozas, which are shaped like dumplings but fried rather than steamed. Paired with Orient’s chili sauce makes for a great start to a big meal. Both of these hot appetizers allowed us to leave enough room for the next course.

Since I started with a big of seafood I wanted to try something different for my main course. Beef was my craving for the night and Orient London’s stir-fried fillet beef in teriyaki sauce truly fulfilled my craving. The soft texture of the beef was easy to chew and easy to cut this along with the mouthwatering taste of teriyaki was great next to my other dish. To go along with the beef I went with some good ol’ chicken chow mein. This chicken chow mein was like no other, it was not dry, it was not hard, the vegetable wasn’t overcooked either. This chicken chow mein was tasty and flavorful, the noodles were cooked perfectly, the vegetable as well and add a tiny bit of soy sauce to it and you have a happy tummy. Not to mention pairing it with beef and some teriyaki sauce allowed for a greater sense of taste. After a lovely meal came a soothing hot tea to wash everything down.

The Orient London’s team were quick and efficient, they had a pep in their step and were determined to make every customer’s dining experience one to remember. The team was attentive and helpful in deciding which dish to order. They also kept the table clean and organized for all their customers. I truly enjoyed Orient London’s tasteful and mouthwatering dishes as well as their attentive staff.

I was able to enjoy two amazing hot steamy appetizers along with my main courses of fillet beef and chicken chow mein. The taste of all of these dishes were spectacular, nothing was overlooked or dry it all had a great sensation. The burst of flavor from Orient London’s specialty dim sum was to die for.


Heart London Magazine

Food: 5

Drink: 4

Decor: 5

Atmosphere: 5

Orient London, China Town

Szechuan and Cantonese dishes highlight the Chinese menu at this Chinatown staple.
Address15 Wardour St, London W1D 6PH