LIFESTYLE – Summer Of Love Summit

At some point during a woman’s life, it becomes easy to feel out of control. If you feel like you’ve lost your sense of purpose or direction, your map of the world around you may become unrecognizable, making it hard to navigate. 

But this isn’t the end of the road. Feeling lost, unsure, and unsatisfied isn’t the life that’s meant for you. 

If you’re ready to take back control and create the life that you deserve, join us for three days of love, inspiration and real food for your soul at our Summer Of Love Summit. 

With a line-up of experts ranging from top dating guru Lisa Palmer, fitness expert Danni Levy to psychologist Arthur Cassidy, and many more – you’ll will walk away with a perfect vision for your new future and a roadmap for life ahead.

Most of us have no idea how to make or cope with dramatic changes to our lives, careers, or relationships. But it is entirely possible to master your own destiny and take control of your life, if you’re equipped with the proper tools and guidance. 

Perhaps you’ve recently encountered a challenging life event – divorce or separation, a career change, the loss of a loved one, or simply the realization that you no longer recognize yourself. 

If you are going through any of these things, it’s crucial that you develop the skills and mindset to navigate the road ahead. 

Whether that means legal advice, therapy resources, confidence, negotiation tactics, or all of the above, our Summer Of Love Summit will provide you with everything you need to face these life events with grace and strength

On day one, you’ll be eliminating self-doubt and negative noise.

On day two, you’ll be boosting your mind, body and soul then on day three, you’ll be learning about empowerment, inspiration and business. 

To secure your place on this unique seminar now on 27th-29th July 2020, visit –