LONDON EVENTS – Take a step back and breathe

As long as you can breathe you can do yoga… this is something you’ll often hear London and Essex based yoga teacher, Laura Bradley, saying.

She believes yoga is for everyone… it’s not about the end posture, but how we get there. It’s not about standing on your head, but the journey to that place. It’s about breathing through it, releasing and connecting with your body.

Laura has just started a Flow & Restore class at Holistic Health on Broadway Market, Hackney, every Tuesday at 7.45pm.  The class blends classical Hatha yoga styles with a more modern flow… they are always creative, fun and informative with a strong focus on the breath. Each class is completed with a deep grounding mediation. It’s open to everyone as Laura will always offer modifications.

“The aim is to create a space where people can take some time out. Slow down, take a step back and breathe, while really connecting with their bodies, opening, releasing, strengthening and toning. Yoga will build tone and strength to your body, but there should always be a softness to the practice too. In the modern world we’re always watching, always looking at what the other person is doing… I’d like people to strop worrying about creating the perfect yoga selfie and start getting to know their true self”

So… If you’re looking for a more traditional, down to earth yoga class head down to Holistic Health, Tuesday’s at 7.45pm.

Laura is also offering Heart London readers their first yoga class for £10 rather than £12. You just need to mention when booking in at reception.

Any questions or to book you can email – /