LONDON EVENTS – Mr Hyde unveils ‘Mr Hyde’s Toughest’ – a week of London’s most brutal classes

Mr Hyde, the free daily email distributed by Shortlist Media, publishers of leading men’s magazine, ShortList, has introduced Mr Hyde’s Toughest, encouraging readers to take part in a week of the hardest fitness classes in London.

With everything from intense circuits, resistance training, log lifting and boxing, Mr Hyde has handpicked five of the most challenging work out classes in London and is offering their readers the chance to try them out. Every weekday from 13th November, different evening classes will be held in separate locations across London, with the email informing and encouraging readers to rise to the challenge.

The initiative follows on from the introduction of Mr Hyde Fitness last month, a new weekly fitness email from the team behind Mr Hyde, with workouts, recipes, exclusive offers, places to get fit and ways to reward yourself. For people who are serious about fitness, but not too serious.

Tania Lewis, Marketing Manager at Mr Hyde said: “These classes are genuinely the hardest we’ve tried, and we’ve tried a lot. There’s five very different fitness classes to choose from – so make sure you all sign up and join us for a week of ruthless workouts.”

Click here sign up for Mr Hyde’s Toughest Week: Applications close on 5th November

N.B – Readers can apply for the free classes, and places will be picked at random


Confirmed classes are as follows:

Monday 13th November, BXR: Versaclimb, 7:30 – 8:00pm

At Sweat by BXR, the high impact classes make use of VersaClimber – a machine that mimics the natural motion of climbing, with a 75-degree vertical rail with pedals and handles. Variables, including handle height, stroke length and resistance can be tweaked to offer an intense, full body workout that consistently challenges its participants.


Tuesday 14th November, The Foundry: City Strongman, 8:00 – 8:45pm

The Foundry gives everyone the opportunity to train like an athlete in a team environment, with their class City Strongman being touted as “the toughest workout in the City!” The Foundry are at the forefront of Modified Strongman Training (MST), the revolutionary workout which makes use of all the toys you’d see in the World’s Strongest Man circuit. Think log Lifting, Sled Dragging, Prowler Pushing and Atlas Stone Carrying for the most effective fat burning workout in the City.


Wednesday 15th November: UN1T (Trooper), 7:30 – 8:15pm

UN1T’s Trooper class gives circuit training a competitive twist, with individuals placed into teams before being sent out to work. Timing isn’t structured, so each member needs to fit in as much work, at as high intensity as possible, as soon as they get on their station. The title of Super Trooper will be given to the member who pushed themselves the hardest, as well as a free smoothie to cool off with.


Thursday 16th November: Athlete Lab (Super Iron Hurt House Booster), 6:30 – 7:30pm

Athlete Lab is revolutionising indoor cycling training, combining the use of real road bikes with unreal results. Created by two amateur triathletes, the classes caters to all, from beginners to competitive cyclists. Every rider is provided with all the performance data they need, from power output to pedal efficiency, and experienced coaches are there to help them reach even the most impossible sounding goals. From the easier tempo ride to threshold boosters and weekly brick sessions for triathletes, Athlete Lab is a training hub for all, providing a safe and performance focused environment in the busy city environment.


Friday 17th November (Fighter Fit), 7:30 – 9:00pm

Specialising in top quality boxing classes, with an added focus on self-defense skills, FighterFit offers intense 90 minute classes for both beginners and seasoned boxers. Guaranteeing a full body workout and core skill progression, each class ensures you’re guided through a safe but extreme training regime, while being pushed to your limits.