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August 08

BEAUTY, NATURALLY – Spotlight on luxurious organic bath and body products we know you will love!

Using natural, organic products does not mean needing to compromise on the quality of your beauty regime. In fact, by avoiding these harmful ingredients you are likely to notice your skin improving, with a reduction in redness, irritation or breakouts, as well as fewer lines and wrinkles. Heart London Magazine love organic beauty products and here […]

July 27

BEAUTY, NATURALLY – Spotlight on Organic Body Washes

Welcome to our new series BEAUTY, NATURALLY where we test organic beauty products and only bring you the best.  We love these beautiful organic body washes and think you will too.  OUR FAVOURITES Ermana – Fresh Wash – Hand and Body Wash There is a reason this lovely product is called Fresh Wash as it’s perfect […]

July 18

BEAUTY – Tantric organic

It wasn’t that many years ago that eating organic food was still seen as an alternative and somewhat hippy. But now organic restaurants are two-a-penny, along with the growing trend of vegan. But it’s not just what we put in our bodies which is growingly au natural, popularity has shot up in the organic skincare […]

July 04

BEAUTY – Travel essentials

Green People Sun Starter Pack Green People have fantastic starter packs with smaller beauty essentials which are perfect to pop in your bag for a weekend trip or holiday. With the wonderful summer we are having we are huge fans of the Holiday Sun Starter Kit, as they are small enough to keep in your […]

October 02

BEAUTY – Tiana, naturally beautiful!

I am a huge fan of natural and organic beauty products, the rise in cancer today can be contributed to all the chemicals we put in and on our body, so the less we use, the better!  As a girly girl I love to look and feel good, so when I heard about TIANA natural […]