Oh to exhale all your worries away! Come to Knot Springs and all your covid stress knots will spring, spring, spring away!

Love love love this precious place!

You would never know that you could rest and rejuvenate in the middle of a bustling city, on the top floor of a commercial building, but you can!

I started with a relaxing Vinyasa yoga class run by a very tall, handsome and softly spoken instructor. As I’m a definite beginner at yoga,  his slow and detailed instruction was greatly appreciated. Mats, support blocks are provided and sanitized after each class.

To beat the Covid blues and allow guests to still feel safe while they soothe away the woes of the day, the spa’s capacity is still thoughtfully limited, and the entire spa sanitized every 4 hours. Even though, at the time of publication of this article, time in the springs was limited to one hour, with all the classes and other services offered, it’s easy to spend all day here. 

The European style co-ed Knot Springs spa offers 3 springs: the tepid and hot both had powerful yet soothing jets, and also a refreshing,  cold pool. I lasted about 2 seconds in the cold dip pool. Brrr….

The eucalyptus scented steam room has a steam control button which enhanced the experience as you could set your own level of steam. I was also able to enjoy the very spacious sauna.

You can also enjoy the outdoors at Knot Springs as woody nature was brought inside to the spa with a huge, 15 foot beautiful tree log bench as the focal point in the center of the room. The visually impressive wall of wood logs balanced the sparklingly clean stainless steel pools, while an outdoor sundeck, wooden sun loungers and fun-style firepit were added luxuries.

While the hour long yoga class released all my lower back pain,  I headed to get any lasting knots taken care of with a relaxing massage. Jessica used a CBD massage (no THC) to soothe away my remaining aches. Jessica, you’re one of the best! while Mackenzie’s hot stone massage melted away the stress. she skillfully targeted problem areas leaving me feel so revitalized yet also relaxed. 

Other services offered at Knot Springs include  :

Foot Rub Visit : pair a soothing soak with a relaxing 60 minute foot rub, includes a 1-hour visit to the Springs before the foot rub and a complimentary glass of beer or wine. 

Treatment Visit :  enjoy a 75 minute customized body work session or facial treatment, includes a 1-hour visit to the Springs before the foot rub.

Facial treatment : Personalized facial brings out healthy glowing skin with the help of Laurel whole plant organics biodynamic, raw-ingredient and filler-free products. 

Swedish massage:  Long, flowing, gliding strokes work to relax and decompress the body as a whole. 

Deep Tissue massage:  Releasing rooted knots that live in the fascia and deeply in the muscles. 

CBD massage:  Custom organic CBD oil is used to uproot pain, inflammation, and stress with a massage. 

Hot Stone massage:  Water-heated stones are used to melt the muscles into deep relaxation as the body is eased of tension and soreness. 

Thai massage:  Thai massage balances the body’s energy by employing interactive stretching and localized pressure that stimulate active, energetic pathways. 

Cupping : Specially designed cups are applied to the body, generating therapeutic pressure to aid with pain,  inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being. 

Ashiatsu massage : Deep, broad, flowing pressure applied


Address: 33 NE 3rd Ave Suite 365, Portland, OR 97232

Phone(503) 222-5668