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January 16

LIFESTYLE – Stationary Must Haves’

Back in school days I remember being excited about getting new stationary for the beginning of the school year and that feeling never really left. Whether you have a home office or a small office, a well stocked stationary cupboard is essential. We found some stationary must have’s for you to use and enjoy. Maped […]

January 16

LIFESTYLE – Stationary for children

Write Size Pencils Write Size have created pencils especially for children, so no matter what age they can write with a pencil especially created for them. These creative pencils were featured on dragon’s den and are made in different sizes, for aged 2-6, 6-10 and 10+. Available at Ryman’s for £3.99 http://www.ryman.co.uk/write-size-pencils-ws1003-10-years-plus   Helix Oxford […]

August 06

LIFESTYLE – Back to school (or work) stationary

Do you remember when you had to go back to school in September and you moaned about the 6 week holiday being too short, now of course 6 weeks off work would feel like a dream.  However, one of the exciting things we all used to love was buying new pens and stationary for school. […]

July 09

LIFESTYLE – Cool new stationary for work or school

“Back to school” are likely to be three words kids won’t want to hear just yet (and we don’t blame them!), but in an attempt to be “September ready”, we have rounded up the coolest and most colourful stationery from the Royal Academy of Arts shop. From Sketch & Sniff pencils to a pencil case […]