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May 21

LONDON EATERIES – Suchef: Something Fast and Healthy Comes This Way

Is it a bird? Is it a cheetah? Is it Mo Farrah? Something fast and healthy is coming to Chancery Lane on 1st June, but it isn’t man or beast… It’s Suchef the colourful, box-fresh eating experience that combines the life-enhancing boost of healthy eating with the super-quick convenience of fast food. The Suchef family […]

August 21

LONDON EATERIES – Suchef – Bringing a VERY new, VERY tasty meaning to the concept of boil in the bag

So, if someone said to you that you were going to review a new fast food chain whose main premise was proteins boiled in the bag (with a choice of healthy sides), you’d probably wonder if you’d stepped back to the glory days of the 1980s when Birdseye Cod and parsley was a staple feature […]