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September 26

BEAUTY – Strip – When Legs & Chocolate come together.

On a rainy, grey summer’s day in London, I get invited to go and get my legs waxed. Hmm, I’m thinking will that perhaps cheer me up? Or will it just remind me of the holiday I HAVEN’T booked? But as I’ve heard that STRIP is the UK’s foremost specialist waxing salon, of course, I won’t […]

November 18

LONDON EATERIES – Sutton and Sons, Islington – Fish and Chips, but better

Everyone has that nostalgic memory of Friday night fish and chips. The unmistakable chippy smell as you walked in there, no other smell like it. The chip lollies whilst you wait of three chips on a wooden fork. The massive sausages with dry ends, and the vinegary, greasy plump chips, smattered in rich salty crystals […]

November 17

London Eateries – Vivo bravo, bravissimo!

OK so to be honest, I’m ordinarily not a big fan of Italian restaurants – being from the carbs are the enemy school of thought and thinking all Italian food revolves around bread and pasta – so I took this review with a sense of trepidation. To ensure a fair jury however, I decided to […]