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August 09

LONDON EATERIES – An Encounter with Counter

Secluded under the shadows of the Vauxhall arches is a groovy bistro –   bright colours beaming from its snug burrow.  The gastronomic façade of Vauxhall is constantly changing, so it is essential for new venues to establish an identity in this rapidly transforming area.   So what is the character of Counter? Stepping inside from the […]

August 04

LONDON EATERIES – Bringing a touch of New York’s City’s seriously stylish LES to the evolving SW8

I’ve had many a night out under the Vauxhall arches in my time in London swishing from bar to club at the witching hours of the weekend – but never have I thought of it as a destination for a culinary and cocktail venue. When I heard of Counter opening up and bringing with it […]