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December 19

BEAUTY – Fight winter skin damage with Natura Siberica Black Micellar Water

We all know that living in a big city means our skin is more likely to be exposed to pollution and damage. That added to the harsh winter wind and cold, means we need to give our skin a little helping hand.  Natura Siberica has created a cleansing water, that helps draw out dirt, oil, […]

October 27

BEAUTY – Heart London Magazine’s Winter Skin Care Essentials

We may be excited that it’s only 60 days until Christmas, but winter isn’t all fun – especially not for our skin. Thanks to the cold weather, most of us suffer from some degree of dryness and irritation. That’s exactly why we decided to do some research into the best winter skin care essentials out […]

January 16

BEAUTY – Keep your hands soft all winter long, with Dove DermaSpa intensive hand treatment

As winter days and nights are getting colder, our hands can take a bit of a battering and keeping them soft can be an uphill battle. It isn’t just the cold weather that can effect our hands, washing up and housework can also have detrimental effects to pretty palms. Dove Derma Spa have created a […]