Monthly Archives: November 2014

November 25

LONDON BARS – Dewars whisky, definitely shaken and tastebuds stirred

Now, Whiskey is probably not the drink of choice for your average girl about town to hit up, mostly reserved for the more suave gents we know milling about with cigars and chatter at the end of a night. So I was intrigued to get this invite to sample some of the whisky cocktails that […]

November 25

ESCAPE LONDON – PorterHouse Shrewsbury, not your first point of call

PorterHouse Shrewsbury is set in a stunning little town and just steps away from the breathtaking Drapers Hotel where we were staying. The pretty building looks like it used to house a carriage way for horses. The venue inside splits into three, a stunning bar buzzing with trendy clientele and beautiful decor one side, a […]

November 24

LONDON CHRISTMAS – Eat, skate and be merry this Christmas with winter cocktails and smoked meat, prepared by seasonal specialists

This week, the opening of The Tasting Room will be the centre of attention at London’s longest-running outdoor ice rink in Broadgate. Designed to provide a dreamy destination for Londoners to ‘fill their boots’ with the best craft beer, authentic smoked street food and artisan cuisine, the pop-up has been launched by some of London’s […]

November 21

ESCAPE LONDON – Panoramic views and exquisite food, at Alfresco’s Brighton

Call me old fashioned but there is still a part of me that if I eat in Italian restaurant I like to encounter an Italian waiter/waitress/server. Alfrescos here in my home town of Brighton does not let me down, from the first ‘Buongiorno’ to the last ‘Ciao’ it’s enchanting. Situated in a perfect nigh on […]

November 21

LONDON EATERIES – Cityhawk, the new app that takes the stress out of booking a table

There are a few chores  that I really dislike doing, Dishes, Ironing and being left to choose and make a restaurant reservation of my choice, rate high on my list.  With a heavy heart last Friday I was left to do the latter.  No pressure especially when friend works for one of the most difficult […]

November 21

HEATHY AND BEAUTY – at last an all natural treatment for skin, hair and nails – Herbal Glo

Herbal Glo has already caught the attention of Harley Street Doctors who have begun recommending Herbal Glo as the only natural product for various Skin, Hair and Nail conditions ranging from Hair loss to Acne to Eczema and Psoriasis. The product itself was recently tweeted by actor Akie Kotabe who confessed “I gotta say, been […]

November 21

HEALTH AND BEAUTY – Bath time heaven with Bath Relaxer®

I am a huge fan of baths, as someone with a crazy hectic schedule, I find it is one of the only times I actually get to relax and many an ‘ohhs’ and ‘arrs’ can be heard from my bathroom when I an in it.  Anything that makes this special time even more luxurious I […]