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December 10

DRINK – Gin lovers Christmas Cocktails

For those looking to create a tempting tipple at home the refreshing Yuletide Eyeopener with Hendrick’s Gin, Cointreau, mulled sugar and sparkling wine or the gently warming Mr Macawber’s Gin Punch with Madeira wine, pineapple, cloves and honey are the perfect thing. Filled with the twin infusions of cucumber and rose found in Hendrick’s Gin and a host of festive flavours these unusual […]

October 02

DRINKS – London Cocktail Week, yes please!

For one night only on 8th October renowned Edinburgh bar Bramble will host an exciting pop up at White Lyan – creating a range of tasty drinks made with a host of ingredients including Hendricks Gin. Or for those looking for something more unusual, head to Portside Parlour (8th October) where Hendrick’s Gin will present […]

June 09

COCKTAILS – Hendrick’s Gin presents new cocktails for world Gin day

Renowned author Samuel Johnson once wrote, “A cucumber should be well sliced, dressed with pepper and vinegar, and then thrown out as good for nothing”. While we bow to Mr Johnson’s literary prowess, we must whole-heartedly disagree with him. The humble Cucumis Sativus is one of the two charming infusions that give Hendrick’s Gin its delightfully floral […]

March 12

Mothers Day Tipples with Hendrick’s Gin

To celebrate Mothering Sunday on the 15th March, Hendrick’s Gin brings you Mum’s The Word cocktail and the Dream Time Martini, two delectable tipples to toast to wonderful mothers the world over. Mum’s The Word, created by our chums at Bramble, combines the unusual taste of Hendrick’s Gin with the sweet aroma of Yellow Chartreuse […]