Monthly Archives: July 2021

July 22

LONDON EATERIES – Bar + Block in Southwark is a hidden gem

Set in a quaint spot of Southwark, Bar + Block Steakhouse is a hidden gem. As you walk into the restaurant, the big neon cow on the wall confirms that you are there to enjoy some delicious steak. It is very spacious inside with a modern decor. The staff are incredibly friendly, and after taking […]

July 22

LIFESTYLE – Did someone say Lola’s luscious cupcakes are delivering? YES PLEASE!

When we heard that Lola’s were delivering, we took it as the perfect opportunity to treat our staff and when they arrived everyone was in cupcake heaven.  As we shared the cupcakes around the office, we could hear comments like “Oh My God”, “These are orgasmic” (yes not so appropriate we know but if you have […]

July 22

LIFESTYLE – No cheat day this hot day: Skinny chocolate protein milkshake

The summer heatwave is taking the country by storm. Whilst it can be tempting to reach out for a bowl of ice cream after every meal, you should instead make a protein milkshake. You can recreate the texture and taste of a real milkshake but fill the glass with superfoods instead of fats. The best […]

July 20

LONDON EVENTS – The Pop-Up Club returns to Seven Dials

Pop-up market set to reinvigorate the flagging high street with independent artisanal brands Following months of closure for many stores across the UK, pop-up marketplace The Pop-Up Club is back just in time for summer. The company organises artisan markets in empty retail units creating a unique space for local traders to showcase and sell their crafts, […]

July 19


We believe that most of you would agree that, especially with this scorching heatwave we are all experiencing, nothing is more enjoyable than a perfect ice cold beverage. We believe that these whisky below should be on your drink list as it does EXACTLY what it is supposed to do, quenches your thirst and takes […]

July 19


Gentlemen, learn to command everyone’s attention where you are with these two top sought-after Eau De Parfums for men, guaranteed to make you not only smell good but also feel good. Diesel Sound Of The Brave Sound of the Brave is the popular fragrance for men by Diesel, a modern perfume for a self-assured leader […]

July 19


With the arrival for Freedom Day, going out is now the new staying in! Your calendars will be flooding with events and you want to come back with a bang like you never left! These beautiful perfume choices below are our all-time favourites that we believe can help you ladies with this. Dolce & Gabbana […]

July 18

BEAUTY – Don’t burn baby burn

When the sun comes out so should the sunscreen, especially with the hotter we are experiencing.  There are a wide range of products on the market, so we tried and tested the best just for you.   SUNSCREENS COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF 50 We love the scent of the COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream which […]

July 18


Takes your senses on a journey with these breath-taking candles below. Designed to help you lay back and relax, these candles are suitable for any location and every situation! Here are our fabulous fantastic four selections below! La Di Da Scented Candle Salt Salt & Spray Make your home smell fabulous with this luminous Sea […]

July 15

LIFESTYLE – Feel great from the inside out with Naked Biotics

GUT HEALTH – The seven-meter tube known as your gut is a hugely important part of your body. And not just for its role in digestion! You owe much more to the gut than you may know. For instance, it’s home to a whopping 100 million neurons. 90% of the serotonin in your body also […]